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Canyoneering, Hot body, Rock Climbing

What a fun weekend. Met some boys, did some canyoneering, hung out with the group. All in a normal weekends fun!

So let’s see, last week was fun, Thursday I went out to see “When in Rome” which was REALLY good. Very cheesy and chick-flick, but also funny and good times. I enjoyed it. After that I met up with this guy who had been on American Idol and we hung out and chatted for a while. He’s an “actor”. He was nice/cute, but I doubt anything will happen there. We’ve hardly talked since that night.

Friday I worked late on stuff for Mexico. Things aren’t going very well. lol. This jackass programmer sucks that did it all 2 years ago and now I’m having a hell of a time getting everything setup correctly. Anyways I was in the office till 7ish.

Went home and met up with this guy, he came over to my house, basically we just made out all night. It was pretty interesting. He just kept telling me how hot I was and blah blah blah. And this guy was no Ugly Betty either! I mean he was HOT in my eyes at least. So whatever, that was interesting. Nothing really happened, laid on my couch, made out, watched TV. Good times.

Saturday I got up early and went Canyoneering, we had 12 people out that day. It was 46 degrees out and the water was JUST above freezing! Great group but we had one person who was new to the group and had never rappelled before. She was afraid to take the leap over the edge to get started. So Jerry, Thea and I had gone down three waterfalls already, including the one where you get SOAKED. She wouldn’t come down so I had to free climb up three waterfalls back to the top where we all started and try to help convince her to go down them. I finally had to show her how safe it was by letting someone else belay me for a while with my hands off the rope, etc. Then I got down and tried to belay her.

She got one foot over and wouldn’t budge the second foot. So I gave her a good pull on the rope and pulled her down to the next spot. She had to keep going from there and once she got past that one, she was much better at going forward. So that was really good! 🙂

So then I had to go back down the waterfall where you get SOAKED! I had already gone through it once, now I was dry again and the clouds had moved in so it was getting cold… So I yelled down to Leigh who was belaying me and told him that I was going to come fast and I meant FAST!

But he didn’t quite realize how fast I wanted to come, so he thought I had lost control and went to stop me, RIGHT in the middle fo the fall, causing me to lose control and to slam my hip into the rock face. Much pain and agony.

So that night after I got home I had a friend who is a massage therapist come over and give me a massage which was nice. Again he just couldn’t stop telling me how hot my body was, etc. It was random…

Sunday I got up and drove up to Stoney Point, rock climbed with the group, had 15 people there, Morgan of course showed up, didn’t really talk to him at all, said hello, he asked me something about the iPhone and that was about it. I hated it, but I am not going to get myself into the same situation as Jason was. So whatever. Him, Claudia, Sophia and some other guy went off bouldering. Didn’t say a word to me about it. Thanks a lot. Even though this is supposed to be MY group of friends, I felt so out of place the entire time. Fuck this shit. :'(

I went over to Hollywood and met up with Brian after that, we hung out for the evening and had a good time. Again he wouldn’t stop talking about how hot I was and we were talking and he every time he mentioned something I’d be like, “Oh yeah, I can do that”. At the end of the night he said, “Is there anything you DON’T do?!” lol. I told him I suck at playing musical instruments…

So if I’m so hot and so good at doing stuff, why the FUCK am I still single! UGH!

Anyways, Mossman is coming down again for a week in December! I’m so excited for it. Can’t wait to see him. 🙂 It’ll be the week after I am in Mexico!

So yes, that’s my life. Meeting boys, being single, feeling out of place, and yet I’m so “hot” and have so much going for me. Seems like such opposites!

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Two things. One, where are you meeting these guys? And two, I’ll take your leftovers if you don’t want them :p

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