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Halloween with Mossman and Sirin’s Floors!

What a BUSY couple weeks I’ve had. I haven’t even had time to freaking unpack from my trip to Oregon yet or update my blog! What a mess!

So two weekends ago I flew up Seattle to spend the weekend with Mossman. There were a few rocky spots, not with HIM, but with the people we were around, but other then that, the weekend was just amazing! We got in and drove down to Astoria, met up with some of his friends at the house we were staying at and then crashed for the evening. Sadly, his friends we were staying with were a bit prudish apparently and didn’t like us cuddling, etc. So whatever.

Saturday we got up, wondered around, did the coffee house thing, etc, spent most of the day hanging out with his sister, drove around town some. Saw the house that Goonies and Short Circuit were filmed in, did this column thing, saw some other neat places. He lives in a really cute town I just wish that we had seen MORE of it instead of sitting around with his sister and what not all day.

Sunday we got up, had breakfast with his sister and friends at the coffee house then headed back to Seattle. Got into Seattle, did this underground tour thing which was pretty cool, walked around a bit, saw the HUGE REI, I think we did something else, but I can’t remember. Then we went back to his moms house, talked to her a bit then went to bed.

Monday we got up, putzed around the house for a bit, then headed north to the Boeing Factory which was amazing fun! After that we did more of downtown, the market, etc. Seattle was a cute city.

I flew back that night. Did some stuff during the week, not really sure what it was.

Friday I met up with Sirin to do her floors! We’ve been talking about this for nearly a year and now the time finally came!

That night we tore up the carpet in the living room and found a HUGE hole and two boards that needed to be replaced. That was VERY scary!

Saturday we spent the day running around, getting supplies, trying to find the right boards to fit, wood type, etc. We got started with the sanding around 10pm. 13 hours after I got there! OMG! What a long day. Got done about 2:30am and went home and crashed.

Sunday I got up at 8, went back over to her house and finished up the sanding, got done with that by 4ish and this other girl showed up so I left because I was exhausted!

I got home and crashed for a while… Monday was work, Monday night was more hard wood floors. Tuesday was work, Tuesday night was more hard wood floors.

And that’s been my life.

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