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Beach House Weekend

So last week was def interesting. Nothing much really happened up till Thursday. That evening I got off work late, met up with Avrom and we went to Fry’s then dinner then back to my house for a little bit. He’s a very very odd person. Very awk to be around and what not. Nice guy, just REALLY socially awk! lol. Anyways, he left and then Morgan showed up like 10 minutes later to pick up his gear. I was expecting him to just come, get his gear and then leave. But that afternoon he had IMed me and asked about getting yogurt. So we did that as soon as he got here. We sat on my couch eating that, talking, what not. Ended up chatting for like 2 hours and I was exhausted so he took his stuff, then as he was leaving stood in my door, arms open waiting for a hug…

Now, normally not unusual because I hug all my friends. Even the straight ones. But Morgan is a different story. I haven’t hugged, shook his hand, or touched him in a long time (over a month?). I’ve been trying to keep my distance so because it’s a little to much for me. Anyways, I gave him a quick hug and off he went.

Friday I worked all day, did lots of random stuff, it was pretty busy around here. Left work, went home for a bit then off to pick up Leigh from NoHo. Got him and we went out to the Beach House. It was an interesting trip out there. We watched “The Strangers” Friday night which is def not a movie I enjoyed. Went to bed after that. He was all over me and I was trying to not get into that whole sexualness of things right away. So we just cuddled in bed most of the night. I slept pretty well.

Got up the next morning, he made cinnamon rolls and we went off to go hiking in the Mountians. It was FUCKING HOT! We only did like 4-5 miles and then came back. It was way to hot to do that shit! lol After that we went to Santa Barb downtown, ate lunch/dinner at this really nice Mexican place, walked around, got yogurt at this crazy asian yogurt place because the one RIGHT across the street had a line out the door! Came back to the beach house, Showered, went to the beach to watch the sunset, back to the house and watched movies the rest of the evening. We saw “Always sunny in Philly” which was hilarious! I can’t wait to watch more of those seasons!

So went to bed and he was again all over me. This time I told him straight up he was being to aggressive for me and he backed off. Went to sleep, slept very well, woke up in the middle of the night to him giving me a rim job. Very enjoyable but way to much! LOL.

Went back to sleep. Got up Sunday morning, went rock climbing, didn’t do ANYTHING there the whole time. It was way to fucking hot. I was feeling a bit sick, etc. Morgan asked me to smear sun screen on his back. Awk considering there were like 10 other people who could have done it. Lunch was very enjoyable with everyone, Ally was there, JoEric, Claudia, Sylvia, DAN! the whole gang! Good to see everyone again.

After lunch we were all saying goodbye to everyone. I gave everyone hugs. Handed Morgan back his keys from an arms distance, and was trying to get into my car when he WALKED around his car came over to me and basically required a hug again. Strange… Sophia was right there and even she thought it was odd! Drove Leigh home after that, then drove myself home. Took forever!

Got home, took a nap, woke up, read, watched some TV, went to bed early.

So to recap…

Leigh… Nice guy, not my style, too much smoking, too much partying, not enough working…

Morgan… getting over it. Confused about the new signals?

Alan… Def falling for him, wish he lived closer. Great guy, great career goals, etc. Needs to stop smoking!

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The first few seasons of Sunny are great. This last one that is currently on air is a bit of a letdown

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