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I’m in LOVE… Or just Apathetic…

So, I’ve realized something… I’m in love… With who, that’s debatable. Or perhaps, I’ve just become completely apathetic.

I’m REALLY excited to go see Mossman this weekend! You have no idea.

How I’ve come to this “In love” conclusion? Well, the weekend at the beach house, Leigh was ALL over me and I resisted. This past weekend, I had three HOT guys come over and hang out and I didn’t want to fuck them once! LOL. I know, random, eh? But if I have hot willing guys throwing themselves at me. I always fuck them!

Anyways, Mossman or Morgan? I’m leaning towards one, I’m not going to say which…

Did I mention how excited I am to see Mossman this weekend?

Soooo, This past weekend, pretty laid back. Rock climbing Friday night, Saturday I lounged around the house, Sunday was Rock Climbing. I picked up this new guy Erik. He was pretty entertaining. Leigh I think was pissed that I brought him. lol

I had to tell Leigh the bad news last night, that at this time I’m not interested in anything more then friends.

Went on an AWESOME bike ride lats night as well.

Every morning I get up and tell myself I am going to bike to work, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m so lazy!


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