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Parents in LA!

I know I’m really late on writing this post, but last week was CRAZY! So much going on. Thank god though that I finally got some down time this weekend and got caught up on a ton of stuff.

So the parents were in LA. We did lots of random stuff, hit up the wineries, which I was not a fan of. Saw LACMA, which I haven’t been to in ages and lots of other stuff.

Climbing that weekend was great. Had a dinner party Saturday night at Sophia’s house which was GREAT. Morgan came, we all got very drunk, he and I slept in the same bed. I wanted to cuddle with him so badly. But instead every time he got anywhere near me I kept pulling away. I didn’t sleep most of the night. Ugh. People keep telling me he’s not cute at all. Then after climbing Sophia sent me a txt “I think you might be growing on him” or something like that. Clearly that’s not the case any more.

So this week was busy with work and stuff, the consultants were here all week, got lots of stuff done, etc. Avrom came over Thursday night and we smoked out, good times.

Friday I went out in Holllywood with Sylivia, her sister and some random girl. It was TONs of fun, but I got very drunk and sent txts to Mossman and Morgan. The ones to Morgan were very embarrassing, the ones to Mossman, cute and funny. lol

Saturday I got up around 9 and went home, did lots of stuff around the house, shopping, cleaning, what not. Leigh (this guy from the climbing group) came over. I’m pretty sure he is Constnatine’s ex from many years ago. Anyways, we hung out, went to dinner, yogurt, watched movies. He’s a nice guy, but smoker and no job. He wants me to go to the beach house up north this upcoming weekend. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Sunday I got up totally not feeling into climbing, drove up there, saw Morgan, barely talked to him the whole time, and when I did I was very short with him. I need to get over that jerk. I can do way better. Alan is WAY better. I just don’t get why I am still so into him. Maybe it’s the whole “I want what I can’t have” thing, but it’s really pissing me off and putting me in a bad place. I thought about just not inviting him to shit any more, but Sophia said that would be rude.

Anyways, climbing ended up pretty good. I did way better on the 5.11 then I ever have! I will make it up that sucker one day soon! Left from that and got home about 4ish. Called Alan but he didn’t answer, so I read a book, watched some TV, thought about places to go for the next couple weekends, etc. Talked to Alan later that night and booked tickets to Seattle! 🙂 YAY! So excited! We have to work out all the details, but it’ll be a great trip… I’ll be up there halloween weekend!

So that’s about everything that’s going on.

I’m out!

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