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Mossman in LA

Ok, So not to much has happened, but I wanted to update before the parents arrived!

Wed I wrote about already, Thursday I was planning on leaving work at noon. Didn’t get out of here till almost 1:30. Picked up Mossman and we headed north to Getty Villa. Good times. Walked around, did 3rd street, venice, Play del ray, marina del ray, etc. Ate dinner at the vegan place around the corner. Went back to my house. Watched a movie and went to bed. It was nice. 🙂

Today has been inanity. CEO had a hissy fit. Sales manager is being a bitch, etc. Trying our hardest, but Vic is being a total hold up to this process! Wanted to leave work at noon again but didn’t get out till 2ish. Boss wants me to work all weekend. I think not! UGH!

So I went home, got him, we had some bed time fun, took him to eat then off to the airport. It was sad to see him go! I hope he can come back soon

I wanted to write more, but am pressed for time and very stressed right now.

I could sure use mossman to cuddle with tonight!

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