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Bouldering in Bishop!

Oh my, so much to update about and NO time to update anything! Ugh

So last Friday Sophia, Morgan and myself headed up to bishop to do some climbing. At first I was a little annoyed that everyone else canceled, but it ended up being an EXCELLENT trip! We left LA about 7pm and got to Bishop around 1ish AM. Which honestly was just amazing! The stars were all out, the area was just amazingly beautiful!

Saturday we got up around 8:30ish and headed off to go climbing, found this boulder that was basically RIGHT off the road (and by off the road, I mean a tiny little dirt road in the middle of NO WHERE) and setup. Hung around there most of the day, had a few people come and go, and had a great time! The rock there really kills your hands though! Had an amazing time. Around 2ish we headed out to the lakes in the area. Got to Lake Sabrina and the trees were just amazingly pretty. Morgan and Sophia jumped in the lake. Crazies.

Left and went into town for gas and ended up stopping to get mexican food. I dared Sophia to eat this thing of the HOTTEST salsa ever and she downed it all in one go! It was intense and hilarious!

Went back to the camp ground after that, started a fire, made peach cobbler, chatted around the camp fire and then went to bed.

Sunday we got up, headed back to the same place, did some new boulders though including “Hero” and “Iron Man”. Hero was awesome! 🙂 Had a great day. Left around 1ish again and headed up to North lake, played around there for a while and then left. Got back to LA about 9pm and I crashed in bed. I was exhausted, but yet I couldn’t sleep! I hate when that happens.

I have to admit I was pretty rude towards Morgan the whole weekend. I tried asking him like 3 times what he’d been up to the last 2 weeks, but he never answered, the most I got out of him was “Well I haven’t been sleeping much”. WTF does that mean! Ugh. Then when we were leaving I got into my car and he came over from his car, offered to pay for some of the gas, forced his $20 onto me, then I was saying goodbye and pretty much had to shut my door in his face because he wouldn’t leave. I dunno what was going on. lol.

Anyways, Monday was a LONG day. Worked 8am-5pm then went home for a few hours, cleaned a little bit, then came back to the office and worked till midnight.

Tuesday I picked Mossman up from the airport, ate lunch with Sophia, then took him to my place, hung out for a bit, then back to the office, worked the rest of the day, back to my house. Took him and Sophia out to Manhattan beach and Hermosa, ate dinner at this delicious place then back to my house for bed!

Wed I got up and went to work, long ass day, didn’t get out of the office till an hour after I had planned. Had a good meeting with SCS Dynamics in Santa Monica. I hope that Victor will agree to move services over to them! Ugh.

Got out of work, headed up to Hollywood and Highland, Mossman didn’t like that, then of to Griffith which I think he liked then off to Sylvia’s house to meet up for dinner. Went to this AMAZING place called Vinotecha (sp?). Ate tons of food, then off to Sylvia’s house again to hang out. Had a really really fun evening 🙂

It’s nice having him here.. It’s sad that he leaves tomorrow. 🙁 I’ve said it before, he’s a great guy…

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