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Oregon Coast with Mossman!

Here I am, getting ready to leave yet another place for home in LA! I am excited to get home, but again sad at the same time. I always hate leaving a new place and new friends behind.

Hmmm. I’m trying to think back to the rest of last week… Not to much really happened, spent most of the time at the Rock gym, working, class, etc. The class was pretty cool and yet useless at the same time. I could have learned most of it with just a 2-4 hours webex or something. I did get some awesome reporting done though on the last day of the class.

Tues (?), I met up with this guy Alan Mossman and his sister at the hotel they had like a mile away from mine. He was pretty cool and we went swimming, back to his hotel room and his sister left.. We hung out on the bed chatting and looking at pics, then had a little fun, nothing to crazy. But we locked the door between the bedroom and then outside area (they had like a suite type room). Anyways JUST as we finished up, his sister comes back and starts screaming “Ohhh no you didn’t!” It was pretty funny.

Wed (?) I went out to dinner with Alex again and then dropped him off at home. On the way back we were chatting and he totally forgot to tell me when to stop at his house, so we were driving by and he was like “STOP!!!!” So I slammed on the breaks and made the PT cruiser skid, it was hilarious. His house mates apparently heard the racket from inside and wondered what the hell was going on. I went back to the hotel and packed up…

Thursday I got out of class and booked it to Astoria to meet up with Alan, met him at his sister’s house where there were a bunch of random people (her soon to be ex, some random girl and her child). We hung out for a bit, went to and got dinner, checked out the local park where I was going to spend the night, then back to sister’s house to watch movie (State of Play) and drink. Ended up sleeping there which was nice and awk at the same time. His sister and her soon to be ex slept on the couch (in some very awk posistions). Alan and I slept on the floor and cuddled, the random girl and her child slept in the bed.

Got up the next morning, showered and then headed down the coast. Didn’t get very far because Alan had stuff to do that afternoon which sucked. 🙁 But it was good hanging out with him. Saw some really pretty areas and downtown stuff. I like the coast here, it’s nice. Drove him back to his office where we hung out and did some hanky panky which was fun. 🙂 lol. After that he showed me where he was looking at moving his office too. UBER nice building. I hope he can make it work out! I almost want to MOVE into his new office! It’s this really old building but the unit has been upgraded, wide plank hard wood floors, loft style, it’d be AMAZING as an apartment! 🙂

I headed south from there and convinced him to come down with me after he was done with his stuff so I stopped in a place about an hour or so south of his house and found a camp ground. He showed up and we went out to dinner then back to the camp ground to hang out, chatted, etc. Hanky panky. 😉

Got up the next morning… Putzed around, showered, etc then said one last good bye to Alan and then moved farther down the coast. Got to Florance and found a nice camp ground on the beach, watched a movie and then crashed for the evening.

Today I got up and drove back to Portland, didn’t really stop anywhere as I was a little lonely and sad, just wanted to get back to Portland, pack up, shower and then hit the downtown coffee shops one last time and hang out there and people watch.

Alan’s a good guy, he seems to have his shit together, got a business he’s working on, cute, funny. Why do good guys never live close to me? Ugh.

I also have to say that this trip has continued to remind me of Morgan a lot. I haven’t heard/talked to him since 9/11. Probably a good thing. I’m moving on to newer and better things. If he can’t see what he’s missing out on then sucks for him. There’s a guy out there somewhere who will respect and understand me and want me… Out there somewhere….

I’m out!

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