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One thing on my mind.

There’s only been one thing on my mind this whole weekend. Yosemite! UGH! This is why I hate traveling alone. I get out here into the wilderness and one thing pops into my head and it just so happens to be the one thing that I can’t stop thinking about the whole fucking time I’m out there. So annoying.

Other then that, it’s been a really great weekend! I got up here right on time, thank you alasaka airlines, got off my plane, got to the car rental place, yelled at the guy because he didn’t have GPS, got a SHITTY ass PT Cruiser, hit up REI…

And I bought another pair of shoes! 🙁 They were only sale! Only $80 compared to the normal $140! I swear I’ve been needing a pair of trail runners anyways! 🙂 Went and checked out and asked the girl about places I could camp that night… She said, “3rd flood of the parking garage. You can be my neighbor tonight”. LOL. I of course had to TXT Yosemite!

So anyways, I drove out to Ainsworth state park to camp for the night, got there and the place was FULL of course! That’s always my luck.. Luckily I found this guy who was just setting up for the night, he was alone because his daughters/wife were joining him the next morning. I asked him if I could crash his site for the evening and he let me! So that was great. We chatted for a while, he told me about some awesome road trips he’d been on, gave me some pointers for the coast and then went to bed around midnight. I heard him get up and rustle around about 4ish but I ignored him and went back to sleep. Got up at 6 and he was gone. So I left for the day and did two water falls, some other random stuff, headed up to the lodge, got there hiked around for a bit, got bored sat at the lodge, talked to some guy online, went and had dinner with him in Portland, drove back to ZigZag, went to some wilderness camp ground only to find it closed, so I parked along side the road and camped in the back of the PT Cruiser, BAD IDEA!

Got up Sunday, drove done some crazy ass road, got lost. Ended up at Lost Lake talking to some REALLY hot boy. (Damn straights). Found my way out of that after he gave me some directions got back to portland, checked into my hotel and then just crashed there.

The hotel is pretty nice, couch and everything! 🙂

Monday I got up, did some work then met up with this guy Alex who I had been chatting with online for a while. We went to Cricket Cafe where they had veggy bisquits and gravy (YUM). Then we went downtown to this HUGE book store, I spent way to much money there. Stopped at a porn store, who doesn’t love porn! Drove around abit more, got lost, went to a rock climbing gym, did some awesome climbing, went to Mongolian BBQ (Not as good at Hu-Hot!), drove him home, went back to the hotel and then crashed….

Oh. We also went to the MOST AMAZING good will ever! It was a good will outlet! Who knew! Amazing. Everything was in these HUGE bins and you just dig through them to find what you want! I foudn this AWESOM wok and some GREAT punch bowl cups, which would have gone GREAT with my punch bowl since I don’t have cups for it. Sadly I have NO way of getting them home.

Today is the start of training. It’s going to be interesting. There’s already some hot boys here! 🙂 Yum!

I am going to hit up the rock climbing gym as well tonight, holy hell the boy that was working that place last night, LONG blonde hair, blue eyes, holy jesus.

Also, I really enjoy downtown portland. I wish my hotel were down there so I could just walk around and explore.

The problem is that I can totally see morgan in almost everything here, the people, the bikes, etc. IT makes me think about him all the time which is just annoying. I think that he would love it here.

And the guys I have been meeting. There must be something in the water, all really tall 6’+ and REALLY skinny. OMG, HOT!

Class is starting, I’m out

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That must be the bookstore in Portland that I’ve been hearing about, supposedly the biggest bookstore, I forget of the west coast, the country, or the world.

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