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Confusing Signals

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated and I’ve been really sucking at it. Busy busy life around here lately!

Last weekend I headed over to Morgan’s house after work on Friday. We hung out, chatted, watched a movie, got high. Good times. It was def awk being around him again after everything that had happened, but we had a good time. I spent the night there. Started out not cuddling or anything and then slowly moved over and just cuddled with him all night.

Sophia got there 30 minutes early on Saturday morning and we were both still in bed! Got up and I had a crisis at the office to deal with then packed and left right on time!

We headed out to Mojave and then over to Atolia to check out the old mines there. Walked around for about an hour there and had a good time. Then headed out to lunch. Got over to Robbers about 30 minutes after Jake, Joe and gang. Got there, setup some routes, hung out for a while chatting, enjoying the heat, etc. Climbed a few times that evening, made dinner, made a camp fire, etc.

The whole time Morgan was very awk but still giving off vibes. Anyways, that night he and I had to cuddle because he had forgotten his sleeping bag.

Sunday we got up. I made everyone breakfast. Served Morgan’s in bed. 😉 We climbed some more, it was FUCKING HOT! But everyone had a great time. Had the water balloon launchers and shot them at jake while he was climbing. They never were able to hit him. 🙁

Sunday we drove home and stopped at an Indian place, good food. I’ve never had real Indian. Went on a date forever ago that was at an Indian place and it wasn’t very good. This time I actually liked it! 🙂

Drove them all back to Long Beach and basically invited myself to spend the night. I felt bad, but I wanted to see him some more! I just didn’t want to leave. So we went to the beach, then came back, watched some movies, made out, jacked each other off, laid on the couch cuddling, went to bed.

I got up Monday morning, kissed him good bye and then didn’t hear a WORD from him till Wed! I txted him once on Monday night, then Tuesday morning then Called him tuesday night. No answers. Then Wed he FINALLY got online at like noon. WTF! Seriously! Very annoying.

So yeah. I have no idea. Then all day Thursday he was IMing me and chatting it up and offering to let me borrow the crash pad, quick draws and what not. I have no idea what’s up with this boy. So confusing.

I’ve been reading a relationship book as well. I realize I do a lot of stuff wrong. Going to try and stop that.

I REALLY don’t want to fuck things up with Morgan. I’m not going to call/txt while he is away this weekend in Michigan with his family.

So anyways, the rest of this week. I’ve been to the rock climbing gym twice. Lots of work, etc. Our contractors are STILL idiots.

We need to have this thing done where a fax/email is sent automatically at time of shipping. The programmer started doing the work before he even called me to figure things out. HELLO! WTF are you thinking. REALLY!?

And then they are charging us for doing this custom programming which I am SURE other people have had the same fucking request. I don’t get how they can do this shit.

I HATE contractors!

So yeah, this weekend I have two dates, one hiking date and one dinner date. The dinner date is with someone that I used to go out on dates with a lot when I worked in Santa Monica. Then we lost touch and he randomly called me on Monday demanding we meet again. He’s always been cute and fun, but we never really got much past going to dinner/lunch and chatting. We’ll see what happens. We’re meeting in downtown which is like half way for both of us.

I can’t wait to see Morgan again! 🙁

I’ve booked my weekends through mid-oct now. It’s going to be a BUSY next two months!

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