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Ugh Feelings! :(

Soooooo. I’m stuck in Miami 3 extra days, which really blows because I really wanted to get home to see Morgan today. Specially after the week/weekend I have had.

Basically since I got to Miami, I have seen my office and my hotel. Working 14-16 hour days every day. It’s been a mess, but I think all the hard work has paid off some in the short term. We’ll see what happens.

Besides work, there has been NOTHING going on here. ALL the office boys are HOT here. Which is sad because all the ones in LA area ugly!

Yesterday I finally got a few hours off and went to the Everglades and did some fun off roading! It was great. Came back to the office and worked for the evening.

So Morgan, I haven’t seen him since last Monday. 🙁 At Sirin’s he was all touchy/feely, etc. Which was REALLY nice. Then we talked on the phone Tuesday and Wed night. Then I’ve hardly heard from him all weekend while he was @ defcon. I suppose he’s probably really busy, but it just ANNOYs the hell out of me that it takes him so long to reply to txts, etc. He hasn’t called, what not. I’ve tried to ask him what’s been up. That’s one of my biggest annoyances with anyone that I like is when they are not very responsive in conversation like that.

I’m sure I’m just totally over reacting, but you know, that’s how I am! I can’t wait to get back on Wed now and see him and see how things are between us.

I also wish he were more open about what’s been up in his past. Like I found out his last BF was 2 years ago, but I haven’t been able to really find anything else out. I want to just flat out ask him what he’s looking for. I don’t want to end up like the Mexican wanting more then he’s willing to give!

Anyways, I’m back at the office in Miami and really should get to work! Later all!

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