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Could it be the L word?

Sooo. This past weekend it was basically myself and Morgan. From Thursday-Monday morning. And let me tell you! Holy jesus this boy is great!

So Thursday he met me at my office and we drove up to Monterey. Had a great little drive up there and saw one CRAZY ass accident in which the engine of the car was about 100 feet down the road from the rest of the car! Insanity! The whole drive up there we chatted about all kinds of stuff and what not. Got there, checked into the hotel then went and wondered around the city a little bit. Came back tried to watch a movie which was HORRIBLE. After that we made out for a while (first time!) and then went to bed. He’s a little awk at the whole making out thing, damn nerds, but it was still fun! 🙂

Friday we got up, went out to Crepes for breakfast and then came back to the hotel where we both worked for a while. I had to leave at noon for a lunch meeting and then my conference. The conference was very interesting and I learned a lot, I also realized that we have a LONG ways to go in this whole traceability issues.

Met up with Morgan again after that and we drove south. I would have liked to have stayed in Monterey for a while, perhaps another time! 🙂

We stopped at a few places along the coast and EVERYWHERE we stopped people kept telling us about this concert on Saturday night in Big Sur. Morgan was wearing a pink floyd shirt and apparently it was a pink floyd tribute band or something. It was really funny.

Got to the place where we were going to camp and it was FULL so we had to find an alternative. Drove south a ways only to find out the next two camp grounds were also full, then drove back north to our first camp site, talked to some fun germans and found out the ranger told them it’s ok to just camp alongside the road. So that’s what we ended up doing.

Saturday we got up early and headed out into the canyons and hills above into the Los Padres national forest. It was a really nice hike although only 5 miles in to our camp ground. We got there by noon, setup camp and then wondered on for alittle bit more. After our campground the trail got really hot and annoying it was just desert like, 3200 foot of elevation gain in 3 miles and deadly! So we stopped at a nice view point, ate some lunch and then headed back to camp. Took a nice nap for a while, chatted and then went swimming in the HUGE pools that were all over camp! (That’s sarcasm! The pools were tiny!)

Got done with that, came back to camp, made some tea and then ate dinner. Hung around till about 10ish and went to bed. Yay for more making out! In the wilderness even!! 🙂

Sunday we got up around 8ish, packed camp, ate breakfast and were off on the trail back to the car by 9. Got to the car at 11, jumped in the ocean (freeeeezing) and then drove south. Got to Hearst Castle, did a tour there, ate lunch at a Mexican place, drove down to San Luis Obispo and had some frozen yougurt on the main drag. Booked it home from there. We got back to my place around 9ish, showered real quick and then had to run to my office to fix a server. He sat here and read while I did that and were back to my house by midnight.

Went to bed, I cooked him breakfast in the morning and coffee and then went to work.

Work was pretty boring all day and I really just wanted to leave to go see him again! lol.

After work I went home, did the worst packing job ever and then headed to Sirin’s house to meet up with Morgan and her to make pizza from stuff in her garden! 🙂

It was a great evening of hanging out with them, cooking dinner, Morgan and I did most of the prep work, so cute to have someone to cook with! 🙂

So yeah, I’m totally falling for him hard core style. Even Sirin said that she hasn’t seem me act like this before! LOL.

Anyways, I have to be in Miami all week for work! 🙁 I’m sad to not being able to see Morgan all week.

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