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Yosemite – The Person!

Hmmm, what a busy week this is going to be! But first, all about the weekend!

Friday I got off work a bit late and headed over to Morgan’s (Yosemite’s) place to meet up with him, his “sister” and to go see the Star Trek. So I get to his house, it’s been a long day, I have a headache, etc. walk into this house and there’s this girl at his table who I think to myself, this doesn’t look at ALL like his sister! But whatever, he introduces her as his sister and off we go. Like 30 minutes later he’s like, “Oh by the way, this isn’t my sister”. Kind of annoying, but also funny I suppose.

So the whole night I was a little slow and tired, but we saw the movie which was amazing, I can’t believe I waited this long to freaking go see it!

His sister joined us like half way through the movie, then we went back to his place and I left shortly after that. Got home around midnight and just crashed.

Saturday I got up early, cleaned my apartment ALL freaking day, did other random chores and basically just stayed home. It’s nice to have a semi-clean apartment now!

Sunday I got up early, drove to the office, dealt with a guy who speaks ONLY Spanish when trying to get BLUEBERRIES! Ugh.

Morgan, Molly (his sister) and Sophia (his co-worker) showed up and we piled into my car and then drove off to Malibu to go climbing, even though we were late we were still way early! LOL. Jerry had JUST finished setting up when we got there and I took the opportunity to make the first climb! I am in LOVE with climbing at Malibu! I cannot believe how much I had been missing out on all the climbing there! There are so many great routes and great people to meet there.

We climbed till nearly 3pm and had a great time! Morgan was shirtless, wearing skimpy shorts and just being sexy as hell! I wanted to grab him and just make out with him on the beach, but I’m sure his sister would have found that awk!

So anyways after the climbing the group headed out to a place in Malibu to eat dinner and then I drove them all back to my office which took forever because traffic was so slow! The day was absolutely amazing and after hanging out with Morgan and his sister for so long I was really crushing on hm hard core!

Monday was a really long day at the office, nothing was working right, had a 7am meeting with contractors and bosses and got myself a personal business consultant, so that’s amazing. 🙂 Hopefully now we can really get things moving forward with the project.

That evening I drove over to Morgan’s house and hung out. We made dinner, blueberry cobbler and hung out. It was a great time just chatting and hanging out with him. He even said a few times that he “really liked me”. And I’m really starting to like him! But flirting with a nerd is so awk! OMG! Like we were laying on the couch the last night and I wanted to just kind of cuddle up with him, but it was just strange trying to like do the smooth moves with him. lol.

So we drank wine, had a great time, went to bed. Climbed in bed and he turns his back to me, but then grabs my arm and pulls me so I’m doing the whole spoon thing and held me in tight. So I lay there for a bit massaging his chest and holding his hand and I decide I want to kiss him, so I try to do the whole smooth kiss thing, but I end up having to basically grab his face, pull it towards me and give him a little kiss on the lips. It’s nice sleeping next to him. 🙂

Anyways, so this morning we got up, he made me breakfast and coffee and sent me on my way! What else could a boy ask for! Perhaps it’s time to make a real commitment again. It has been over a year now since Const, which a year between real relationships is about my standard! lol. We shall see.

This weekend Morgan and I are headed to Monterey and are currently trying to find a place to do some overnight camping. We had found a GREAT sounding place, but apparently it’s VERY very busy anymore. So that sucks.

I’m out!

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