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Is that like OAR? lol.

Anyways, so I’ve been sucking at updating. I have things to do!

This past weekend was tons of fun. Friday I can’t recall what I did, Saturday the group went out to Mt Baldy and did some canyoneering again. It was FUCKING FREEZING! We were avoiding getting wet as much as possible, but the last waterfall there as no way out of it, you had to get SOAKED. Everyone was huddling under a space blanket at the end. lol.

After that we went out to eat then I came home and took a nap.

SUnday was rock climbing, tons of fun again. As per usual. Nothing interesting to report. Came home right after that and did some random stuff. Daniel came over that night and spent the evening.

Monday, Tuesday, Wed work! Ran into Erick at Trader Joe’s then he came and read my blog. Random.

Tuesday ran into Jason on bike ride then Wed I had to follow him home. Very strange. Why are all these old people running into me lately. Next I’ll run into Constantine somewhere random. UGH.

I need money and new apartment. Got into fight with neighbor in person. He’s a fucking CRAZY mo-fo! Landlord said if it doesn’t stop he will “evict somebody”. Idiots. I need a new place to live!

Daniel came over again last night, ended up spending the night.

Work today. We “go-live” in just over a week. Nothing is ready, nothing has been tested, no one has been using the system nothing! It’s all very annoying.

We have training NEXT week, then we go live on Wed morning, then Friday is a vacation day! WTF who planned this BS! NONE of the import/export processes have been tested. I think I should be sick next week.


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