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So after 3 weeks of being absent from the climbing group I was back in full force this past weekend! Though a little bit sluggish!

This weekend was pretty good really. I ended up going out to dinner with Sirin last minute. We went to the Crepe place and my favorite French boy was working! YUM! He actually remembered us too which was crazy because it’s been SO long since we’ve seen him! He gave me a handshake and a wink at the end of the night! lol.

Went home after that and went to bed. Saturday I got up and did some random stuff around the house then went to Sirin’s place to help her with the garden. It’s actually doing VERY good. Her lettuce should have been eaten a long time ago, but she didn’t know that. The onions were delicious! After that we headed to goodwill where I donated a ton of shirts and underwear and then headed to Armstrong garden center and bought her some stuff for her garden.

Daniel met up with us there and we headed out to Cerritos to do some test driving. Sirin wanted to test drive all these cars, we get there, she drives the 350z and then wants to leave! UGH! Very annoying. I forced her to test drive a few other cars and then we left.

Got home and Daniel and I hung out for the evening.

Sunday I got up, went rock climbing, came home and Daniel was still there. We went for a walk on the beach and had a little discussion. We’re officially “exclusive” now. Whatever that means! LOL. Oh well. He’s fun, and a great fuck! lol

He stayed for a few more hours and then I went to bed.

Monday was a REALLY long day at the office. Boss sucks at replying to emails and what not. Can’t get anything done without him fucking it all up.

Today has been semi-productive.

I must start biking to work again like YESTERDAY!

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