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Life Cleaning

So I’m not really sure I’ve talked about this much, but I feel like I need to dedicate a whole post to it. Probably a short one.

A couple months ago I decided to go through a life cleansing of sorts. So I started with minor things and finally got down to the big things. One of those big things was Jason. I’ve known him for nearly three years and yet, I barely know who he is! I have only hung out with him and his friends a handful of times, he hid a boyfriend from me for months, etc. So I was fed up with it.

Back in Jan we had gone through a similar phase, he told me he was going to change, start being more open, more honest, include me in things, etc. It never happened. So I told him, either you change and start including me in your life, or I’m doing being your “friend”. So I gave him two weeks, we continued chatting online, emailing, etc. But he never invited me out. So one the following Saturday he posted on Facebook that he was having brunch with his “hermosa crew” and his boyfriend. I commented. “Actions speak louder then words”.

I haven’t heard from him since.

I’m honestly glad to have him out of my life. I’m realizing how much of a gossip whore he was, how he was only in it to find out what EVERYONE else was doing, but not to share in his life at all.

He was a huge part of my life for two years, but all I got out of it was nothing. I introduced him to so many people and he managed to turn most of them against me. He’s told people things about me that aren’t true.

I find it really funny because now that we aren’t friends, he’s suddenly BFF’s with one of my good friends. He met this friend about 2 years ago at one of my BBQ’s at my house. At the time all he could say about my friend was how gay he was and how annoying. In subsequent BBQ’s @ Jason’s house, etc I wanted to invite said friend, but Jason said no because he was “To gay”.

Now they are going to the beach together, going out to Weho, etc…

Next on the chopping block, my car and my apartment. Both are overly extravagant and things that I don’t need in my life. I am finding it hard to give up my car, I do REALLY enjoy driving it, but I think it’s time to get back to the basics in life so that I can have more time and money to spend playing and doing the fun things in life!

PS, anyone wanna buy a slightly used Infiniti G35?

PPS. anyone wanna buy a boat load of books and dvds?

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