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Uprising at work!

Sorry, I suck so badly at updating lately. But this week I have been running around with my head chopped off!

Things at the office are horrible. The boss is controlling this project right into the ground. None of the customers are loaded correctly into the system, the sales people came to training one day and had HUGE uprising, all of them went to talk to Chris right away. Victor of course invited himself to that meeting, he walked in and STOOD right across the table from the CEO. The CEO said, “Vic, why don’t you have a seat” and he said, “I fight better standing up”.

UMM, Excuse me! You are not fighting, we are here to have a discussion about the progress of the software. UGH. OF course they stated telling how they saw it and Vic wouldn’t even let them finish, he kept cutting everyone off. And then when they tried to talk again, he would say, “Let me finish what I was saying”.

The marketing director was in the meeting too and she complained that the item list was a MESS and the two of them got into a huge fight over it. He ended the meeting saying, “OK, I’ll let you do it then”. This was on TUESDAY He has YET to send her any information on how to do the load, change items, etc.

The marketing director also just had a meeting with the “trainers” today and we apparently didn’t purchase ANY of the marketing functionality within Navision. UGH.

So yes, I have been getting tons of heat from that all week from everyone. I’m the one who pushed this huge project. I promised it would be better then PPRO, but here my Boss has ruined the whole fucking thing.

Last weekend, I’m sure was tons of fun. I know we did the meet n greet lunch with all the camping people, went rock climbing and got my ass kicked by some guy who forced me to keep doing this one thing over and over and over again! Very hard stuff. Came home, did stuff, what not. U know the drill.

This weekend is going to be expensive! New tires, oil change, hair cut, buying food for the camping trip, etc.

I’m not sure what to do with Daniel. I quite enjoy hanging out with him, but lately he’s been getting on my nerves. Plus the whole no money to do anything thing. I just don’t know and I don’t really like his whole sexual history avoidance. He went and got an STD test yesterday. I got one today. \

Speaking of my doctor is a freaking IDIOT! I have a very very itchy rash or something on my leg. He looked at it, said, “I don’t see anything” and then moved on. Well IT’S A FUCKIN ITCH! OF course you don’t see anything. You can’t SEE itch! Then I told him I wanted biopsies of some moles since I had not noticed them before. He just said, “You don’t need to worry about those”. So when I die of skin cancer, someone please sue this asshole!

Ugh. So then I got my STD test. Daniel said that his doctor took three viles of blood, did swabs, and urine. Mine just did urine and one vile of blood. So I am concerned he is not checking for EVERYTHING like I told him to!

I cannot wait for Yosemite.

We have a cute blond software programmer guy going. I met him for the first time last night and we went to vegan food. He was fun, but since I am exclusive with Daniel I told him I was IAR.

PS. Michael Jackson is dead.

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