Wow. I’ve really sucked at updating! Astricon last week was amazing! I learned so much stuff and had so much fun and met tons of new people!

One night we all went out to Sushi at this crazy place and it was PACKED full of Astricon folks. Mark paid for out table which was over $1,000! What a crazy boy! We also went to this western place one night and Mark rode the bull. Very funny!

Not much else really happened. I spent the whole time at the conference and took an hour each day to hit up the gym which was much needed after all the junk food they fed you there! I also met this cool guy named Aaron who will be helping out with our VoiP at the office! So exciting!

The rest of last weekend was pretty dull, I spent Saturday at home doing random stuff, cleaning and what not. Then sunday was the normal rock climbing back out at the typical place, it was REALLY hot this past weekend and I wasn’t doing too good with the climbing, though I was very sore after it was all said and done!

Monday was my day back to work and it was very busy, lots of crazyness going on. I’m still very annoyed by the boss about most everything though. IE today I was SITTING in his office and someone comes in and asks HIM who manages the printers and he told the person to just call this company. EXCUSE ME? That’s MY JOB, ASK ME what to do!

And the PERFECT EXAMPLE just happened.

This guy at my office got a new phone (by asking the boss and NOT me FIRST PROBLEM). Now he can’t get the fucking blackberry manager to connect to his PC. So he comes to me and I spent an HOUR working with him trying to get it to work. Find out that A) He was trying to install the wrong software.

So I downloaded the RIGHT software and the RIGHT drivers and STILL couldn’t get it to work, so I tell the guy, well since we don’t have the right documentation because you didn’t get the BOX for the phone when you picked it up I am going to have to go back to my office and research it. So that’s what I did, went back to my office and started research it. About 10 minutes later, I get a call from the boss man bitching at me about not having a solution or an ETA. I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PROBLEM COULD POSSIBLY BE! UGH!

Fuckin’ A! Idiots!

I cannot stand this shit, does he want me to do my job or not!

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