5 thoughts on “Gay Marriage is LEGAL in Iowa!”

  1. Yeah they were supposed to put in an appeal by 10 am. They are also trying to stop people from actually getting the marriage licenses. bastards

  2. I really don’t see why they are putting so much pressure on this shit. Seriously. Get over it already people. There are so much better things that need attention.

  3. I’m guessing that this will last through today, and the Recorder’s Office will get a stay, allowing them to hold off on the changes associated with the ruling. I’m no legal guy (what’s a stay, anyway?), but they said they were going to ask for it, and I would be surprised if they didn’t get at least that. Anyway, it’s going to the Iowa Supreme Court, which I personally think will uphold the decision. Gotta stop those constitutional ammendments, too!

  4. So far they’ve done pretty good at stopping those over there. But I suppose this will now add fuel to the conservatives fire to get people out there and tell the Reps they want the constitutional amendment.

    Again, I just don’t see why they are so up in arms about it. Idiots.

  5. You’re right. I just think that it has to be defeated on enough fronts that people actually let it happen for a while, stop, and realize that it has no effect on them or the institution of marriage that they prescribe to at all. That was a long sentence.

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