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My Whole Company Has Seen My PENIS!

Note:// I started writing this entry like a month ago. Just gonna finish it and get it out there… So of course, now that I’m official with someone, these activities don’t take place!

A couple days ago, I was horny and being a bad boy on Craigslist. Yeah. I was sending some hot guy some naughty pics of me… I was bored, alone, a little depressed and really fucking horny. So I do it every now and then. It’s nothing bad! Everyone does it. You all know I’m not the type to just randomly go and fuck people. I’ve had an ongoing someone that I do that with pretty much for a couple years now…

Anyways, so I was reading work email while I was waiting for him to reply. I get his message with some yummy pics.. Dude this guy is fucking SMOKIN’ HOT! So of course I reply with some of my own naughty pics. I use my gmail email address, which is set to default to use MY OUTGOING SERVER! Well since I had LAST sent a work related email, it decided to use the last outgoing server. Which happens to be the work server.

So, I don’t really care about that as it goes out. Not like someone is sitting there reading all the outgoing emails or even that there’s a filter or anything to catch those.

Well, a couple minutes go by and then I hear that I’ve got new mail. I go and check… “Undeliverable”.. SHIT! The attachments were to large or some shit. I don’t really think about it…. but then a couple minutes later I get another Undeliverable that happened to have been CCed to one of the groups here at work…

SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! What if my message, dirty attachments and all had been CCed to the same group when it was undeliverable.

I instant message OG all in a panic. “Dude, does this group get copies of all Undeliverable messages?!”.. He replies: “I dunno, sometimes, I gotta run. Later”.

SHIT! I’m freaking out basically all night… I basically don’t wanna go to work the next day. But I can’t just not show up.

So, basically there’s a chance that a large group of people here at work have seen my cock…

So there you go my cock! (NSFW!!!).. EDIT:// Seriously people. Get over it. It’s just the human body. You’ve seen cocks before….

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Chris, I just found your blog. I’m not entirely sure how since I was searching for wordpress plugins but I’m glad I did. This is the only entry I’ve read but this is hilarious. What a fucking nightmare.

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