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Cold weekend

It’s been a really cold and blah weekend. Cloudy, rainy looking. Not very nice. But it was still a great and busy weekend.

Lets see, Friday I stayed home. It was well needed rest, altough after this busy weekend I’m still tried! Tonight I’m going to go home and nap after my dentist appointment.

So, Saturday I got up and went and picked up Ben and headed to the California Science Center for the Star Wars exhibit. It was really cool. First we saw the iMax film about hurricanes which was sad and almost made me cry! From there over to the exhibit which was tons of fun. I love star wars. After we were done with that we looked around the rest of the top floor of the science center and saw some stuff, but not as much as I wanted to as Mark and his boy-toy wanted to go eat. It would have been nice to see the rest of the area but whatever.

We headed off to Santa Monica and ate at the Cafe Crepe place. After that we went and bought Mark a cute new outfit at American Eagle! Thankfully the homo that always bothers me there wasn’t working!

Ben and I left after that and went back to my place and hung out for the night. Sunday we got up and went to WeHo and went biking. It was COLD but still a really nice ride. Up through Beverly Hills and what not. Great times. Nick and Jaun were there again so it was cool to chat with them again. There was this stupid bitch on the ride that was complaining about everything though!

Sunday afternoon we went back to my place and ate chinese. After that it was back to my place for a nap! Ben left about 6 because I was waiting for a call from Jay.

Yes, Jay. Friday I emailed him. I need help, mortgage help. And he’s the most qualified person I know that I trust to get me the right answers. He replied back with so much information, so I replied back to him with more questions. He said we’d talk on Sunday after 6, but he never did call. Which honestly is probably a good thing, because last night I was just SOOO tired I probably wouldn’t have gotten very much out of him. I’ll ring him early this morning to see if we can chat about it today.

As always, pictures from the weekend are on the photodump.

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