Lets sue someone!

So on my way into the office the other day I had a brilliant IDEA! Lets SUE all the SUV/Truck drivers for polluting the air! It’s for the KIDS I tell you! Who’s going to think about the kids!??!?!

Furniture from Airplanes! Some very cool stuff on that site! Really neat idea!

Ever wanted to merge PDFs? For a while now I’ve just been using PDFMergeX. Which has been very useful, but today I learned another GREAT built in MAC OSX feature… How to easily and quickly merge PDFs without an added application!

Launch Automator. Click on Finder > Get Selected Finder Items and add to the right. Add “Sort Finder Items” too. Click on PDF>Combine PDF Pages and click “Appending”. Then add “Open Finder Items”. Save it as a Plug-In called “Combine PDFs”.

After all that, select your PDFs with Contro-Click, then in your menu, you’ll see Automator>Combine PDFs. Click that and you’ll see your combined PDFs. Again, I doubt windows can do that!

Thursday night we went out and saw 300. Verrrrryyyy good. I’m going to have to start the 300 workout soon! lol.

That is all.

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  1. It’s arbitrary. What about the Prius driver with a $1000 a month electical bill? I don’t own a TV, refrigrator, microwave, air conditioner or other appliance. I have four incandescent light in my house that are rarely on. My total impact vs. the average Prius driver is minimal. Shouldn’t I be able to drive an SUV? What about the family of 7. Should they not be able to drive together?

    If there are externalities, the tax system should address them with a effluent tax. But remember that research on CO2 is still uncertain particularly when addting aerosol emissions to the mix. Perhaps methane is more likely the cause combined with deforestization. So if I plant a few trees at my cabin and lay off the beans when I’m up there, could I drive an SUV to get there?

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