Big Brother State

All Employers should really read this:A Note To Employers: 8 Things Intelligent People, Geeks and Nerds Need To Work Happily.

JDub does it again. I wish I had the guts to just drop my life and get out there and do something like this. If only…

Do you own a Mac, use iPhoto? If you don’t use the photobook functions in iPhoto you should follow these instructions to save 300 megs. I’ve also found that it saves RAM when running iPhoto:

Here’s how to get rid of said folder:

Right click on

Select Show Package Contents

Navigate to Applications/

Delete it, burn it to disk, or offload it to external drive

Not much else really going on. I had a really annoying day today. I get in and have this meeting. I get assigned to do something. I had JUST got in, so I go back to my desk, read my e-mails and what not and then finish up another project, this all takes me about 1.5 hours. So then I go and start on this thing I was told to do. It takes me abot 20 minutes and then I run into something that i have a quick question about. So I IM the guy only to find out that he had already just gone ahead and done it. how very annoying! UGH!

I’m also getting REALLY sick of my friends/co-workers never inviting me anywhere. VERY annoying.

Random, creepy messages terrorize bisexual college students. REALLY interesting read! Who knew things like this happened!

Digg Me! I totally want one of these!

Look like a spartan. How the stars of “300” got that Greek statue look.

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