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Outdoor weekend!

Wow this weekend has been busy!

Friday, Ben, Sirin and I met up with Jess in WeHo for his birthday! Had a great time at OBar and then went down the street tot his piano thing. It was a really fun night. On the way home Sirin and I got to talking and are going to try and figure out a way that we can buy our building. So all weekend I’ve been really excited about that and what not. Sadly I got online this morning and looked it up and the guy has increased the price by $600,000 for the building!! So now each unit is $325,000. 🙁 I’m not sure I can afford that much! But I’m still going to make a few calls and see what’s going on.

Saturday Ben and I got up, I dropped him off at home and went to a business meeting. After that we met up again and went hiking in Red Rock Canyon and then hung out in Santa Monica area for a while. Went back to his place and had dinner. We laid down for a 15 minute nap at like 8:30 and didn’t wake up again till 8:30 Sunday morning! Opps!

While I was out driving in LA on Saturday I found a gas station that was at $3.45 for REGULAR gas! Insane!

Sunday we got up and headed down to my place. Went for a bike ride and then hung out in RB area. Lots of crazy stuff going on at the Pier. It was an amzing weekend 80 degrees and what not. He left about 4ish and then I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch.

As always, photos from the weekend are up on the Photodump

Halliburton is planning on moving it’s head quarters to Dubai. I really think that if they do make this move, that EVERY government contract they have should be revoked. They have access to WAY too much sensitive information.

Remember the game You Don’t Know Jack?. Well you can now play them online! These games wasted away MANY hours of time at BSA staff camp every year! Soo fun

25-Code Snippets for web designers. Some very cool and useful things. I wish I had found this before we demoed a few of the past projects I’ve been working on

Time Sensitive CSS Switcher. This idea has been around for a LONG time. I remember in HS having a website that printed out “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” etc depending on the time. But this is a realy cool implimentation of that idea.

Need a menu? 71 cool CSS menus.

Web 2.0 Tutorial Roundup!. I’ve been trying to learn photoshop lately and this has been a great resource!


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While I was out driving in LA on Saturday I found a gas station that was at $3.45 for REGULAR gas! Insane!

It’s $2.45 here. It displeases me greatly. 😛 Stupid gas.

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