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The last couple weeks I’ve been really disgusted by corporate america. For any of you who don’t know the offices in SM are being condensed from 3 different buildings into 1 building. Reducing the size floor space from 50,000 square feet down to 30,000 square feet. Thus probably saving the company tons of money on rent. However….

The company has brought in outside contractors to do all the moving. You don’t have to pack anything except for your personal belongings, so all your files, etc. Just leave them and they will get packed and moved for you. Your computer equptiment, everything. This can’t be cheap! They have had 4 full time people on staff for at least the last month managing this move. I was here till 7:30 last night and all 4 of them were just sitting around laughing thier asses off. You know charging overtime. I highly doubt it takes 4 people to manage this sort of thing.

Next, instead of reusing all the cubicles, furniture, bookshelves, etc. They are getting ALL NEW stuff. Now, I know that cubicles are NOT cheap, the chairs they got everyone run about $400 each, all new phones, all new bookshelves. All new everything. Even new pencil holders. And honestly I think the the new cubes are a huge downgrade. The ones we have now are about 6′ tall, the new ones are half the square foot size and only about 4′ tall.

On the other hand, the people who do have offices are HUGE and very nice. Honstly half these people don’t even deserve the offices they get. Secondly, they cut 10,000 jobs and then the CEO gets a 36% raise? He already made $11 million.

Now, I worked with some of those people who were cut, and they deserved it. Others didn’t deserve it and should have been kept. And yet, some that were kept should have gone a long time ago.

It’s just disgusting, I have to get out of this!

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I can sympathize with you on some of your points. I largely agree that is ridiculous when CEOs make so much money yet they are cutting costs by firing people. But usually their large bonuses and salaries are justified by saying, “look, I made changes that saved the company 50 million dollars so I deserve 10” And to some extent that is fair I think.

I also don’t think anyone deserves to get fired, –unless they are causing damage– but in the same coin, nobody “deserves” to have a job at certain company. It is a mutual agreement, the company can easily say “you’re fired” and the employee can also fire the company and find a job elsewhere. Thats the beauty of free market I think and the “at will” clause in Cali.

I am glad that you weren’t among those who lost your job. What does the change mean in terms of your communte to and from work?

I came close, but thankfully my employer likes me enough so even though PHS cut funding for my job, I still _have_ a job! 🙂

IN terms of the commute, I’m now commuting back down to my offices in Newport Beach, so it’sa bout 80 miles round trip now.

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