Fiesta Cantina

So Thursday night I ended up going out ot Fiesta Cantina with Jason, James and Ben. It was good times. The place was kinda dead but we chatted it up and enjoyed the night. Came home about 2am.

Friday I went to work and had a horrible conversation with this guy I know online. I guess I need to do better back ground checks on people before I start to hang out with them. UGH! Fucking lying sons of bitches. I’m just so sick of people lying. Why can’t they just fucking tell the truth and be who they are. If you’re a god damn slut. Say you’re a god damn slut. You stupid faggot. I confronted the asshole about it, and he’s yet to reply. I’m guessing I won’t be talking to him again.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “Hold your wee for a Wii contest”… Well here’s some updated news:

Yeah, you could see this one coming way back when the original tragedy actually happened, but after getting things all lined up, it seems that the family of Jennifer Lea Strange will be aiming for Sacramento-based KDND-FM, its parent company Entercom, and the employees associated with the whole “Hold your wee for a Wii” ordeal in a wrongful death lawsuit. Although on-air personalities claimed that the contestants signed “a release,” that paper was apparently one that simply “granted the station permission to use the contest in its promotional materials,” and the family lawyer believes that no waiver of liability was ever signed. Notably, the FCC has jumped into the investigation as well at the request of the family’s attorney, as one of their suggestions is to have the station “taken off the air.” Per usual, the lawsuit “seeks unspecified medical, legal, burial, and funeral costs,” as well as presumably lofty sums of money to compensate for “other punitive damages,” which we’re fairly sure they’ll end up receiving.

Ok. this is ridic! The stupid bitch fucking did it on her own will. UGH! Why is this country so god damn stupid. Ok, and the fact that they were fired, and now the FCC is trying to get the whole station off the air. OMG. retarded!

So friday night I went out with Stephen and we had a good time. He’s much cuter then I remember him being, but the braces are just not doing it. Plus he’s WAY too obsessed with having a nice car. IE he drives a 2006 3-series, but he’s all. “OHhh I want a Land Rover so bad.” you know the type! We went out to Cheesecake factory, then ice cream and then went and saw The Departed. So that was fun. Very good movie. You should all go see it. The bitch at Cheessecake switched our left over bags. So I got his and he got mine. And neither of us liked what the other person had! haha.

Saturday I got up early and headed to Santa Monica for a business meeting and then hung out with Ben and Jason most of the afternoon. That was good times. We went to Sunken City again and walked around. Then it started raining so we came back. Ben hung out here all night watching movies and chatting and stuff. He left after breakfast on Sunday morning. He’s really cute and very nice. But I just don’t know. Neither of us are really converstaion people, so it’s a bit awk at times. I really think I need someone who’s talks more. But we have a lot in common and like I said, he’s very cute and nice, etc. We’ll see where this goes. But I’m feeling frieds only.

I lost my camera on Saturday morning as well. I was getting ready to go hiking and putting the battery in my camera. I picked up the camera off my desk, walked the 5 feet to the battery charger. Put the battery in the camera, and then the camera disappeared! GONE, POOF! No WHERE! Jason and I turned this place up side down. Can NOT find it anywhere! UGH!

Sunday afternoon I went out to Coffee with this guy Chad. We just chatted about boys and life and etc. Just like everyone else, he was very nice and very cute… But probably just friends there as well. He was here for nearly 3 hours though and we laughed and chatted. Good times. Really helped me get my mind off previously mentioned asshole. Sadly as soon as he left, I saw the asshole online and wanted to YELL at him. UGH!

Ok. Well since I only got a few hours of sleep last night, I’m going to go nap before Simpsons/etc is on tonight. Later all!

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