Good Things.

Lately, I’ve been waking up at 3:10 am and then haven’t been able to get back to sleep after that. It’s very frustrating. I’ve even started going to bed later to try and help it.

And this morning it was raining so hard core, I just wanted to lay in bed all morning listening to it.

Another e-mail I enjoy getting are ones like this:

I *really* appreciate this – it’s amazing when you can write a software developer and your wishes come true the next day. Thanks SO much.

Glad to know that I can help people. 🙂

Going out Friday with Andrew, so far Mike, Robert and Patrick have all expressed interest in coming as well. And hopefully Joel, Jon and Ryan will be around to hang out with too.

The lights in my office are all burned out. It’s nice and yet frustrating at the same time.

I’ve been debating moving the last few days… With them raising rent and all that. This guy here has a place up in Huntington, right on the beach. But it’s a “big” loft, I might go check it out, but now that I’ve made so many friends down in Aliso area, I’m not sure I want to move even up to Huntington, as that seems so far away. Blah.

I’m going out on a Movie date on Thursday. So we all know how I feel about that one already. haha.

I’m still working on this ETL project at work, I’ve got it loading the information from the files, however when it goes to insert a row to fire off the importer task it inserts the wrong instance id. Thus meaning the importer task is trying to run against the wrong client.

I’m not sure WHY this is either, because I’m telling the importer to use the following:

var sqli = “begin icbo.addQueueEntry(25, 1, ‘” + stagingId + “‘, ‘_STG_STD’, 1, ‘” + transformerTaskutil.getMyInputParam( “ICIECMD” ) + “‘,null,null); commit; end;”;

The first value is the one that’s important, and clearly it’s set to 25, yet for some reason it’s being set to 14 somewhere and I can’t figure out where!

I’ve stopped going to the Docs… We both agreed that things have been a million times better in the last month. I’ve been very happy and making some friends and meeting nice people and hopefully things will continue to get better. I’d still like to get Jenks or Angel to come visit for a long weekend or something. It’d be nice to see either or both of them.

The mountians out my office window are really pretty right now, they are all green and stuff.

Ya know, it’s nice being able to say… “The only night I’m free this week is Wed.” And then having that night get filled up too… Having a life is good. 🙂

I love the rain.


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