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Got it!

Yay! I got my issue fixed from yesterday. I’ve even got it now using the properties file to get the needed variables instead of them being hard coded.

Then I was having a column number issue. Damn this ETL tool! I ended up working 14 hours yesterday, everytime I told myself I wa going to stop, I’d go and sit on the couch for like 5 minutes and then come up with a new way to do something… It now works fully!

That’s exciting! Sorry, I’m a geek.

My plans for last night got cancelled, they wanted to do dinner too late. Sorry, but I eat early. And I go to bed early. I’m uncool like that, but I love having my two hours in the morning at work to myself.

Tonight’s plans have also been changed. The date has been moved up to an early afternoon date, and then going out with “The Boys”(?). Haha, Strip poker!

I’ve been having some really fucked up dreams lately. The other night I had one about Jenks, where he grew a beard and got fat. It also reminded me somehow that he still has a pair of my underwear from when he stayed over last summer in Iowa. Then last night I had this dream that I was laying in bed talking on the phone with someone and this guy just lets himself into my apartment and climbs into bed and starts making out with me and I had NO IDEA who it was! Very random.

I was thinking about moving a lot yesterday as well.. And talking it over with some people it seems like a really good idea. I would be saving about $250 a month. I’d be ON THE BEACH. And I wouldn’t be stuck in a lease incase I ended up wanting to move… I just dunno. Maybe this weekend I’ll go up there and look at it.

I’ve been talking to this guy online for a couple days now as just friends, he’s… 35. He seems really cool and from all the pics he’s sent me so far, he’s really hot. But um, he asked me on a date! I dunno if I should accept or not. I’ve been saying I need to look for older people, but I was thinking more like 25-27ish! Not 11 years older then me!

My new Samsung a950 is really pissing me off… This phone sucks.

Umm, nothing else. Adios.

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Gotta be careful with those older guys you know. Some of them having a younger guy is a status symbol and then on the other hand some are serious about it.

And with me being a little old fashion, I would want to get to know this guy before moving in with him. Could he be a serial killer of young gay men? And you have to remember up front people are different acting, but once you move in who knows?

Now I am starting to sound like my mother and that’s scary. Do what you think is right.

Haha, I’d be moving into my bosses apartment above his garage…. Not this older guy.

But you are right, it is strange about the older guys… Maybe a meeting in a very public place. haha.

Go on the date! He has got to be more mature than some of the men you have been with in the past. Good luck!

Thirty five is NOT old. Go for it. Age is just a number.

Oh,and thanks for the other night. You were so much to make out with (in MY dreams!)

Actually,I meant to say that you were so much fun to make out with.

But you were much(gifted!)

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