Private: A Bitchy Entry

Ok, this post is all about bitching about work…

So here goes! First, our Project manager is an idiot. He gets paid 100k+ per year, and doesn’t do shit. He sits in his damn office and tasks come in, he doesn’t assign them right, he doesn’t date them right. He doesn’t do shit! I could freaking do his job a ton better then he does.

Second, there are people here who complain that they are so busy and blah blah blah, but yet they don’t really seemt to do anything. Everytime I see them they are playing games or sitting around talking or something stupid like that. Now, I know we have down time while waiting for other people. But comon this guy has freaking tasks that have been sitting around for months where all he has to do is click the “resolved” button. Or tasks that have been sitting there and all he has to do is something that’ll take 10 minutes.

It’s so frustrating, specially when I’m stuck sitting here WAITING for these people to do something.

Grrr. Then we’ve got people who doesn’t fill out thier timesheets liket hey are supposed to. It’s like, comon people that takes 10 minutes a WEEK to do. It’s not that hard.

I think I’m going to stop going to the Doc. I really don’t feel like it’s needed any more. Who knows.

I’ve been working on this ETL task all freaking day. For some reason it doesn’t seem to know what toInitCaps() is. Even though it’s IN THE FUNCTION LIST. And secondly I’m telling it to insert a row where one of the values is 25, but it keeps inserting 14! And I can’t find out where it’s doing that at! Very very annoying.

Granted I copied and pasted it from another ETL task that IS inserting 14… But, I changed it to insert 25 in the only place I can find it doing that at. Grrr. I just don’t know any more.

I’m out yall.

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