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So I started some prep work in a effort to return to Iowa for a week without having to take it as vacation.

I honestly don’t see why the would have any problem with it here.. I mean all the work I do could be done from a beach in the Bahamas for gods sake!

So I called Krell this morning to see if I could use an office there. I asked for Barb first, but she’s apparently still in DC for another year. 🙁 Then I asked for my favorite person Nazanin. She wasn’t there either, so then I just started listing everyone else. I think the secretary thought I was crazy. Finially I found someone in the office who was there! Lucy! I love Lucy!

Anyways, so I talked to Lucy and she was all “Oh it’d be good to have you back in the office and I’m sure it won’t be a problem, blah blah blah”. So that got me in good moods.

Then I noticed like an hour later that someone from there went to my website.. Oh god!

I start looking through the logs and they did a google search for ‘nazanin cjb’. And found a page where I did a little complaining about her. Though NO WHERE near as badly as I had in other times.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a nice lady and all, just that she pissed me off sometimes when I was working there.

So anyways. 3 hours later, I get anohter call from Lucy.. I missed it but she left me a voice mail. Her tone was VERY different and you could tell she was just looking for a business way of saying that Nazanin said he didn’t want me there because I bad mouthed her. I have the voice mail in MP3 format, I should just post it so you can all hear. 🙂 lol.

So yeah, Krell is out for office space, hopefully Bennett will say it’s ok to use NPHS. He likes me and I’ve never bad mouthed him.

I’ve been trying to get ahold of my mother all fucking morning. I’ve called her like 20 times, the damn woman is HORRIBLE at answering her phone!

Anyways and JP is up in Santa Monica today and will be busy in meetings all day tomorrow, so it won’t be this week that I’ll be coming home… If it happens at all. :'(

God I just need to get there for a little while to become sane again!

I talked to that Jon fellow this morning, the guy I met a Boom… Come to find out he’s an IT person as well, and we had a good convo. He’s apparently going up to Mammoth with Joel and Ryan this weekend. That sounds like so much fun. I’ve been wanting to go up there!


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Can anyone in your office check out your current journals? If so perhaps you should take extra percautions. If they get wind you want to leave, they may start to treat you a little differently.

Just a thought.

Yeah, they can and a few of them do… Mostly why I’ve stopped talking about too much work issues and also went to using initials, that way google searches of thier names won’t come up.

Yeah, who knows though. I’m on the fence about stopping or not. But I feel that if I DO stop, that Austin will win.

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