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Give Him My Card.

So yesterday was an insanely busy e-mail day for me. It seemed like every time I turned around I had new e-mail. Incoming mail yesterday: 373 messages. Gah! Hopefully today will be quieter.

Got home from work and did my bike ride, which I haven’t done in forever. So that was a good change. My iPod is still broken though which is sad, so I had to do it without music! So unfun.

Sat around the aprtment for a while doing nothing and called someone to see if they wanted to go to the Drag show at the Boom that night. They said they weren’t sure and would call me back later to let me know.

I went out at about 7ish and hung out. Had an appointment at 8:30, he said that if I talk to Austin to give Austin his card.. cause he sounds like he’s got mental issues way worse then me. I found it funny. But I’ve been reading this book and it’s constatnly like, “OMG that’s SOOO Austin”. Maybe I should anonymously send him this book. I doubt he’d read it though. lol

Got done with my appointment about 9:30 and called the person again, since they hadn’t called back. And they didn’t answer thier phone. I called them again about 15 minutes later and they didn’t answer again! I’m so pissed about that.

I called Jenks last night too… Just talking with him again makes me SO want to go back. My Dr. guy said that I should wait a week to go back home, so that I plan it and it doesn’t look flakey to my boss. But I just want to go back NOW for a week.. And after talking to Jenks, I just want to go back even more. I miss that boy!… I miss EVERYONE in Iowa. :'(

However, tickets for the next two weeks are running about $800 to fly back. I’d have to wait till 4-1 to fly back to get any good prices.

I applied to Savis back in Chicago… I think that was the fastest rejection I ever got! I sent it in in the morning and was rejected in a few hours. lol.

Got a call yesterday though about one posistion, but she said it was Contract to hire and not paying any where NEAR what I needed. So yeah. 🙁

Ugh, what to do, what to do!

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Zach has no need for an assistant. But if he did, he would hire a female assistant. A beautiful uninhibited ballarina assistant.

But it would be, for me! Because you know, the sex. The sex with a beautiful female ballarina!

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