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Drama… Drama!

OMG, Ok. So I wanted to also talk about this in the post #2000, but I was too destressed about the whole issue about my notebook, so here goes with this update.

So we all know that Robert sent hookup boy an e-mail on myspace, well hookup-boy sent Robert a reply saying that he’s just looking for freinds because he’s got a boyfriend and all this… SO that’s the first OMG!

That stupid whore had a boyfriend and was CHEATING! Wholy shit!

SO THEN! Like 10 minutes after hookup boy sent Robert that e-mail, Chris (hookup-boys boyfriend) sent Robert an e-mail telling him to back off, and blah blah blah…

This is where things start to get interesting! Robert and I decide to play a little game on the both of them!

Robert e-mails hookup-boy, and says.. “Thanks for having sex with my boyfriend, you whore” or something along those lines. lol.

Pretty much as SOON as he sends that he gets another e-mail from Chris asking when and what happened and all this stuff. So it’s like, is hookup-boy just that stupid that he’s sitting there reading with his boyfriend looking over his shoulder, or does the boyfriend have hookup-boys passwords and is reading his myspace e-mails, etc?

So then Robert replies back to Chris and starts telling him what happened and this and that. It was really funny and I was freaking out cause they are both military boys. It was crazy! But hookup-boy was only 19 and this Chris guy was like 30! Eww.

Eventualy Chris just starts e-mailing me and bothering me about it, and we start talking on line and he’s asking all these details and stuff. And I was so damn nervous that night, that I don’t even remember what hookup boy was wearing or anything. And Chris was asking me about like these tattoos that he has and this birth mark. ANd I was like, “Dude, I don’t remember any of that shit and he didn’t take his shirt off”. So of course it looked like I was lying

Then he’s like, “Look You have the wrong person” and so I was like, “NO dude, it’s the same guy”. So I finially just decided to send him our AIM convo, which apparently convinced him, cause he said he was going to go yell at his boy.

I dunno, like I feel good about it, because if someone cheated on me, I’d want to know, but at the same time I feel so bad about it.

That stupid hookup-boy got what was coming to him though!

I’ve been kinda hoping that one of them would contact me today and let me know what happened. lol, I’m evil like that!

But OMFG! I cannot believe this shit! It’s just crazyness!


In other news, the mac is still dead. I’ve been doing some data comparisons from my past backups (The last full one was in Sept! :'( .. ) and it looks like I got everything except for my pictures directory. Which isn’t a big deal because I have that backed up at home. So that’s good news, although I’m having issuees with getting the correct tools to freaking take the damn thing apart.

I looked up a Lowes on yahoo and google today and found one that’s like a mile away. So I drive there at lunch only to find that the damn directions take me into this fucking gated community, and it’s NO WHERE near a freaking shopping center. I came back to the office and did a satelite view of the area and sure enough there’s not a fucking Lowes there! So I’ve got to stop on my way home and get what I need for that.

I’m in my office that was offered to me today too, because it’s the only place with a free mac right now. I’m really liking it. Though I’d have to change some things around, because I have my back to the door right now and if anyone remembers Krell…. Well that just freaks me out!

Yep… Plans for this weekend are coming together.. We’re going to The Abbey for sure on Saturday, and we’re getting a hotel to stay at up there! 😀 Exciting!

Anyone wanna come on Saturday, let me know!


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