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My Baby…

Well, everyone…

This is post number 2000!!!!


I was going to write something really long and boring about how things have changed so much, but alas.

Something more important

My baby died today!

My Zettta Bytes. 🙁 She’s dead.

I woke up this morning and turned her on, and she started making this HORRIBLE screeching sound. It was deathly ill.

I rushed her to the emergancy room, and plugged her into life suppport to try and save her memories.

But she died on the operating room table.

I was only able to save 3.03 Gigs of the 9Gigs of stuff I have on her.

Today is a sad sad sad day. :'( I dunno what I’m going to do to get that stuff back!

And just the other day I was trying to back her up and get a bunch of stuff off her… God damnit! Why did I give up so easily on that. :'(

Now I dunno if I should spend just the $500 to have her fixed, or if I should go with the $3k to just get the new Intel mac. Oh god, what to do!?

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Ugh, I’d LOVE to buy a new one, but I just don’t think I can afford it right now.

I went and bought a 100Gig hard drive at Fry’s this morning and will be attempting to replace the drive before going home tonight.

We’ll see how well that goes!

Ugh why is this such a problem! 🙁

WHY Do apples hate me so much? I love them! This is the second time now I’ve hard to replace this HD!

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