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First Session…

Ok, well I had my first session today. The guy was really nice.

I walked into his office and was attacked by this tiny little mut dog thing. It was cute, but kept trying to lick me and stuff when I was filling out the paper work. Which is annoying.

After getting all the insurance figured out, which was a pain in the ass. We got started. Like I said, he was really nice, but I felt that he spent a little too much time talking about things that didn’t matter. I would have rather just gone in on the first day and told him what I wanted to tell him about everything. Like the story of WHY I’m coming back in and all that. But Alas, I’m sure he got enough information.

I find it strange though that the sessions here are only 45 minutes. But I guess it also makes sense. So whatever. He said that he wants me to go to group therapy. I’m not sure how I feel about that. He offered me two different ons, I took the one that had the smaller group. So yeah. We’ll see how that goes. Gah.

He also suggested that I start drugs again.. But I told him that I’ve been on pretty much all of them over the years and I never really felt any change for the good. So then he suggested this other things called a Alpha-Stim. I dunno how I feel about that though! Seems very strange and like something you would see on a late night infomercial.

He also gave me homework to do! OMG! So I ordered the book today and will hopefully get it by next week… I’ve got another appointment with him on Tuesday though, which I’m sure I won’t have the book by then, but whatever.

I ignored Austin last night and this morning. Well, ok. When he got off he talked to me on AIm for like 10 seconds and when I started asking about his day he was like. “I’m to tired to talk about it”. So I just said “whatever, bye”. But yet he was still online for like 2 more hours.. One can only assume he was talking to people during those two hours, so why was he “too tired” to talk to me about how his day was. Whatever. He IMed me again at like 9:00 that night, but I ignored him then, and then he IMed me again this morning at like 8. Ignored him again. He finially called me at like 10 to see where I was at/etc. But I just told him I was in the doctors and would talk to him later. He called me back at like 11:30 to see why I was at the docs and I talked to him for like 10 minutes.

Ugh, I was talking to my friend Robert last night online. He’s hung out with both Austin and I a lot. He agrees with me that if Austin changed just a little, and wasn’t so needy that things would work out and tha we’d be a cute couple… I think part of the problem is that I expect way too much out of people, specially Austin since I liked him so much, that it just causes fights, etc.

Either way, I’m going to continue with mostly ignoring him for the rest of the week. I AM however going to invite him to come up with me to get Ginny from LA, as my plan for now is to go get her and Carl from LA and then go to Santa Monica for dinner and then maybe The Abbey after. I think it’d be good, cause Ginny can play the Bitch protector friend card, and hopefully see what the fuck is going on… (You’d do that right, Ginny?) lol. Plus I really want to go back to The Abbey, as it was lots of fun!

The rest of the time that Ginny is here isn’t very well planned and it’s kinda freaking me out. I don’t wanna be sitting around once they get here trying to think of things to do. I was thinking Luckys on Sunday night if they wanna go out both nights. But the days are completely empty. She said she wanted to spend some time at the beach, but it looks like it’s going to be too cold to do much more then go and look at it and leave. (Mid-60’s is the forecast)… Either way. It’s going to be fun hanging out with her!

Robert’s birthday is this Friday too.. I want to do something nice for him like he did for me, but I don’t really want to go out with his boyfriend, who I don’t really care for. So I’m not sure what I’ll do for him yet. Perhaps I can lure him away for a dinner or something, maybe lunch on Saturday.

Not much else going on here… Did I mention the hookup boy hasn’t responded to me? Not a big surprise, oh well. When I told Robert about it, he was so SHOCKED, it was hilarious. He forced me to show him the boys Myspace and then proceded to add him as a friend. It’s so funny… Honestly, I’m still in shock!

Anyways, that’s about it… Adios!

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lol dont worry, we will find things to do! is it really going to be in the 60s?!?! ugh! oh well, thats warm enough.

are there any wineries in the area? i am all about FREE sightseeing, so if there is anything cool to look at… SO excited, SO excite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and of COURSE i will play the bitch!!! anything for you chris!

Yeah, its like the same temp here now as it is there! But looks like it’ll be about 20 degrees warmer here this weekend then it will be in iowa. So that’s always good

Umm, no wineries in this area, but we could drive somewhere. It can’t be THAT far.

I’m all about the free sightseeing too… I told that Carl guy to think of things to go see. Haha.

Yay, just don’t be too bitchy though, we want him to like you.. I think? Maybe, depends on where things are going to go. I mean if he’s outta my life forever then I don’t really care. haha. We’ll see if he even comes!

I can’t wait!

In the 60’s? Boy, you have been there too long already. In Iowa that would be a very NICE day.

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