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My Issues?

Sooo.. I’m starting therapy again. My first appointment is early tomorrow morning. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I can find one here that I like. I tried a few different ones through the years of college, and none of them were very good. So we’ll see.

Today I broke the $20k mark in my cushion fund. Angel said I should just move back to my parents house and live for a while. I could easily live for over a year on that amount. But for anyone who knows me, knows that I’m obsessed with saving money, and I HATE spending money if there’s no income. I think I can hold out for a little while longer. Plus like I said before I’d feel like I’d been beat if I do move back there to my parents… I think just moving back to the midwest in general would be better.

Just to give you a sample of the crazyness that’s on myspace around here… this random guy sent me a message yesterday. It said “How long have you lived in Cali? Midwest boy’s rock my socks! :D”… So I read it like 5 minutes after he sent it… I really didn’t feel like replying to it right then and there, because I wasn’t in the mood to be friendly towards someone random, and making small talk. And since he didn’t give hardly anyting to talk about I felt it best to wait. So then like 20 minutes later he sends me this NASTY message bitching about how he expects people to reply to him and blah blah blah… OMG calm the fuck down people!

Yesterday was a really productive day here at the office, but now I’ve got nothing to do today and my boss is out of the office. It’s been getting harder and harder to get my ass out of bed every morning and to come in.

Ginny is here on Saturday! Woot! 😀 Thank god!

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I’m tired of renting too… I wish I had enough to DO something with around here… All I can do with it now is invest in stocks, which isn’t bad, but I’d rather be investing it in real eastate.

You now what I hate when people im me and they start off with hi and then don’t say anything, like I have to make conversation with them. Even though they IM me, weird.

That’s really good on saving that. Save it for a rainy day or when you move back to the midwest.

Ugh. I HATE when people do that too! It’s like, if you IM me then you should have something to talk about damnit.

Yeah, it’s a good thing, but I mean it’s annoying at the same time that I have so much and can’t do anything with it.

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