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Dinner With The Fam

Soo… The last two days have been kinda interesting in regards to Austin.

First of all, Wed he called me up and we talked for like an hour on the phone about all kinds of random stuff. It was pretty crazy. And yet really nice and stuff.

Then Thursday he called me at like quarter to 5 and said that they were having a BBQ with his mom. And he invited me.. I was a bit leary at first about going and spending time with him and his family, but whatever. It couldn’t hurt too bad, plus I hadn’t seen him since Saturday so yeah.

So I go over there at 7 and we get there and they hadn’t started cooking yet, which I figured they would have! But we all sat around talking and stuff like that and drinking and rolling up cables. It was so random.

It was Austin, Chach, Chach’s Girl, Virgina (who I guess is somehow related to Austin), and Austin’s mom. Very strange grouping. So I guess I was sorta Austin’s date for the night?

Anyways, so they cooked Beans and Broc and Ribs.. It was pretty good, even though all I ate was ribs and salad.

Throughout the night there were so many references to “You’re part of the famiy” and stuff. It was so wierd. But I had a really great night.

By the end of I just wanted to fucking grab Austin and give him a big kiss on the lips, but alas. I held back.

I left about 10 and they were all still watching family videos… It was so cute!

I know, I know.. You’re all saying.. OMG, Why don’t you listen! I’m sorry. :'(

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