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Blah, I haven’t been sleeping worth shit the last 3 nights… Wake up every 1-1.5 hours and just lay there in bed. Then this morning I decide… “I’ll sleep in till 6” but then I realized I had to get gas and shit, so I’m 45 minutes late to work. Oh well.

Everyone is going to Santa Monica for a bowling/drinking party tonight, they are leaveing at 11:30, so that’s probably when I’ll head out as well, though i’m not going to Santa Monica.

They installed a Meter at the On-Ramp that I take home from work.. VERY annoying. I had to wait 10 fucking minutes yesterday just to get onto the fucking freeway. I don’t know WHY they did that, there’s NEVER been any problems at that onramp. Just another thing that makes California stupid.

Speaking of, I read somewhere that there’s a bill, either in the California, or Fedral not sure which. But basically since Hybrids use less gas, and thus they get less tax revenue for road projects from them, they are going to implement an additional tax when you purchase the car… WTF?! So you’d be getting both a tax WRITE OFF and an EXTRA tax all at the same time?! Why don’t they just fucking cancel the tax write off… Yet another reason why our government sucks.

Had another meeting with GT yesterday. I get to write a daemon to handle some stuff with the project I’m working on. That’ll be fun. (Not). Also he was like, “We’ll talk about the design later.” it’s like, “NO, I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE DESIGN AS I’M DESIGNING IT!” It’s easier to move things around when it’s a blank page. Grrr. He also added 4 new tables yesterday, of which I have no idea what they do. I only asked him to add two new tables! WTF?!

I made a paris slideshow last night, I’m going to search for some good ass music and then post it here.


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It’s ok, I can delete them. 🙂

That does suck, I guess that’s what I get for buying music! DRM will be the death of digital media! Fuckers.


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