National Debt Now Completely Insane

Free spending big government Republicans are breaking the country. After all the talk about fiscal responsibility and small government from these guys, this is what they give us.

Last month, the national debt reached yet another miserable milestone, passing the $8 trillion mark for the first time. As of last week, the United States was $8,084,858,891,735.31 in the hole, according to the Treasury Department.

Here is the depressing stuff you should now consider before the 2006 elections:

In fact, Bush has borrowed more money $1.05 trillion from foreign governments and banks since taking office than all other presidents combined.

From 1776 to 2000, the nation’s first 42 presidents borrowed a combined $1.01 trillion from foreign interests, official statistics show. In just five years, Bush has out-borrowed them all.

–Dvorak Uncensored

EDIT:// And as we all know the Big 3 auto companies are having major financial issues… Yet we get this:

So, let me get this straight – one of the major problems with the Big 3 is excessive worker benefits, right? So, if that’s the case, then one would expect executives to practice what they preach. And at about this time, you’re wondering if I’m really from this planet, and for good reason. GM CEO Rick Wagoner will be receiving a $4.6M retirement package, courtesy of a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan that has been set up for him. This plan comes from funding that is separate from GM’s vastly underfunded pension plan, and is said to be payable even if GM files for bankruptcy. Is it just not possible to properly fund one’s own retirement on $4.8 million a year? Or is the goal to just eliminate whatever sympathy that the public might still have for GM’s management? Wow.

2 thoughts on “National Debt Now Completely Insane”

  1. I hate that man and I have so many reasons to choose from! Which one is your favorite reason to hate him Chris?

  2. You know it’s sad when these big exe’s get this kind of service. The little people (the public) does not have a say.

    Isn’t our government suppose to work for us, not the people lining their pockets?

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