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So I started playing with that family tree/website thing last night. The Cookbook will be so cool to have online! But, I’m going to have to take some major time to move all the reciepies into it. You can even do ratings and stuff. It’s going to be so cool!

The whole family tree thing though is going to be more problematic. I’ve found lots of free desktop apps to do this, which all seem pretty cool, however I want something web-based. The only one I’ve found that’s web based is broken. So who knows about that. I’ll keep looking into it though.

Brian came over and hung out for a while last night. Again he was just using me to as a staging point for his evening out. However, I did get him to take care of my kitties while I’m in Iowa for christmas. So that’s good. 🙂

While he was there Nile IMed me… Nile and I hung out once WAY back in June, now he’s got a girlfriend and the only time he ever talks to me is when he wants to get fucked. AND as we all know, I don’t have sex with people unless I’m dating them! I tell him NO everytime, but he just never seems to get it. Damn straight boys. Brian messed around with him some online though, it was pretty funny.

Technically you can consider this Wed already. 🙂


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Yeah, he claims he’s straight, with a girlfriend, but apparetnly he likes to get fucked? Who the hell knows!

I’m coming back Dec 23rd… We get 2 weeks a year off and then the week between christmas and new years.

Today is Monday/Wesnday

Tomarrow is Tuesday/Wensday/Thursday

and the next day is Wensday/Friday

I don’t care if this doesn’t make sence you you! It makes perfect sence in my head!

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