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Black Friday!

So we all know that Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year is coming up…

Well for those that care, here is a list of all the shit that’s on sale!

So I was looking through it and this year there are 42″ plasma TV’s for the same price as my 42″ projection TV that I bought on Black Friday a year ago! How sad is that.

There are tons of good sales though. I just wish I had the patience to go out and shop on black friday. But I’m going to spend it working instead. 🙂

Yesterday was pretty boring, but I did make cookies.. I didn’t realize quite how many one batch would make! lol. After that this guy Robert came over and we hung out… I drank some bad OJ late in the evening and spent a few hours throwing up though.

He was really nice. So that was cool.

I also made chili! Yummy!

I’m kind of dis-heartened (is that the right word?) by my current relationship with Andrew. I was kinda hoping that this trip would bring us closer as friends, be a closure to our relationship part of our life and get on with being friends.. But for some reason I feel even more disconnected to him now. I wish we could go back to having long converstaions on the phone, etc. I fear that once he moves here things will only get worse too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve been thinking about starting a family website, one that has like a history of the family and a database of our family cookbook. I think it would be a fun project. I’d make it a wikipedia based so that people could come and change parts of it, like family trees, etc. And the cookbook would be a based off either PHPRecipeBook or RecipeDB

Anyways, I’m out.

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A cook book huh? I will take some milk with my cookies, by the way. What kind of cookies did you make?

Hopefully things will workout for you and Andrew.

I havn’t been out & about on black friday for a fair number of years, though I am thinking about it this year to watch funny people be funny.

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