Site Movements

So yesterday I bought a new domain… That’s right! Soon, will point to this site as well! Woot.

I also got my site set up at my home computer and just need to work on getting a few other things working before I make a switch over to there. Because I’m sick of being hosted. It looks like DyDNS will charge me $24 a year to do what I want, so I’m trying to find a free solution. Any ideas anyone?

Yesterday at work I really didn’t want to do anything, but I did end up getting a lot of stuff done.

I also realized that google has pulled 5 gigs this month from my website and thanks to OG we found that it was because of one page getting stuck in a loop and sending data forever and ever! I disabled that page for now.

I was supposed to go up to Big Bear today, but the bitch I was going with never called me last night… And stupid me left his number at the office. Oh well.

Umm, other then that nothing has been going on in my life. So adios!

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