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Ab Fab Weekend

Ok, well I was going to update more about my weekend tomorrow.. but I have a feeling I won’t have time.. And plus I’m bored now, so why not! haha.

So, lets see..

Friday, i got home from work and hung out here for a while. Then JonJon came over and dropped off my key. We talked for a while and then I took him out to dinner because I promised him dinner for taking care of the kitties. On the way out I was leaving my apartment building and this stupid bitch woman screamed at me for “driving too fast”. I was already in a bit of a pissy mood and she had been giving me an evil look, so I screamed at her, and we got into a Bitch, Jerk” yelling contest. She threatened to turn me into the office and I was all, “Go for it bitch”. I thought it was really funny and I enjoyed yelling at the stupid bitch. How I miss ames where people KNOW how to walk when cars are around! When you see one coming.. Don’t fucking STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and stare at them….. GET YOUR FUCKING FAT ASS MOVING!

You see, in Ames… Although it’s well known that peds have the right of way no matter where they are (IE, in the middle of a four lane road, or just crossing through a road on campus)… The only time a car will actually yeild to a ped is if the ped is ON or AROUND campus… It’s a survial skill there!

Anyways, we went to greek food and ate… I was kinda annoyed with him because he barely talked to me the whole dinner…. So yeah. Whatever. He’s always calling me and IMing me and being like. ‘Lets hang out” and then we do, and he doesn’t talk to me.. WTF?

After that I came home.. I had been invited out to a few places friday night but decided I was tired and really not in a social mood. So I stayed in and watchd some tv and had a good time.

Saturday I walked to the grocery store and bought some wine, bananas, pudding, and a pie crust… I came home and made the pie… Needless to say, that was 8am.. The pie was gone by 10pm! haha… Next time I make a pie, I’m going to do a “day in the life of a pie” it’ll be hilarious! And totally random! Anyways.. I spent the rest of the day Saturday cleaning my living room, and bedroom. I finially unpacked all my boxes from Iowa, and set up my shelves in the living room. I’ve had these shelves forever and they’ve been empty for the longest time… But they finially have stuff in them, and I really like it. I should post a picture.

Speaking of pictures.. While unpacking the boxes, I came across a picture at the very bottom of one.. It was from my Philmont trip in 2000.. back when I was 260 pounds…. God I look hidious! If I can find a scanner I’ll scan it in. 🙂

Saturday ngiht I drank my wine and had a good time at home… Oh, I also went to the gym that night. I was in bed by 10.

Sunday I got up and finially got my mythtv box working.. Fucking ‘vesa’ driver. I just had to change it to ‘radeon’… I’m still having problems runnig live TV, but at least recorded shows work now. I also have fallen in LOVE with the web frontend to mythtv.. They’ve had it forever, but I’ve never used it before. It’s amazing! You can set the recording shows, and see what’s been recorded and there’s the TV listings… which I can look at without all the fucking ads that puts on thier site… And the best part is that I’ve deleted all the channels that I can’t understand. And all the relgious channels! haha! (Kinda sad, I deleted chan 23-43)

Anyways, after that I cleaned my kitchen and my bathroom. It was filthy. I even washed the cat’s rug… which was so dirty. It was gross! lol. I made jello for later that night too. Other then that I didn’t do too much on Sunday.. that is till later! 😉

Blake got here about 8:30 and he ate the jello I made.. I had promised him I’d make him jello the first time we hung out, but i forgot. So this time he got it. 🙂 We hung out talking and watching tv till 11ish, at which time he was really tired. (He’d been up since 2am PST). Sounds like he had a really good tim eback in the mid-west… He even went down to New Orleans for a day to help out down there.. He’s such a good boy. haha.

Anyways, he was really tired, so I invited him to just spend the night.. Since we were going to be hanging out on monday anyways. So we went to bed and cuddled till like 2am.. When i finially fell asleep, but sadly that didn’t last for very long. 🙁

It was really nice to have someone to cuddle with in bed again… And he’s so cute and adorable. 🙂 More on that later. 😉

Well, sadly to say, I got my first wake up call at 4:30 this morning from the UK… I was SO ANNOYED though because it was TOTALLY not something URGENT! Grrr. They wanted a new user created, which the CA over there can DO HERSELF! I got the txt page at 4:30 and got online and checked my e-mail to see what it was… I decided to leave it till I got up later that day. Then I went back to bed.. But by that time I couldn’t get back to sleep.. So I layed in bed and cuddled with blake. (He’s got a really big ass, and some HUGE thighs, it’s hot….. PS he bikes like crazy, so they are very muscular. 🙂 )

We layed in bed till about 6 or 6:30 and I finially made him get up.. He went and showered, while I called back the UK… explained to the lady that it was a holiday here and that she can create the account herself. After he was done, I went and showered then we walked down to starbucks and got some coffee… walked back here and then decided what to do for the day.

We ended up going down to Dana Point and San Jaun Capistrano.. I love that area, it’s so pretty.

Dana Point was really nice because the fog was all rolled in, and the sun was peaking through it.. So pretty.. I REALLY wished I had remembered my camera. 🙁 We walked along the beach for a while and talked and then went on up to San Jaun.. There we walked around a part that I had never seen before and after that went to the mission. It’s so pretty there…. We really didn’t spend too much time at the mission, but walked around san juan a little more… after that we went to Ruby’s and ate breakfast.. it was like 10:30 or so.

Ruby’s was really good, I had these cinimon french toast things.. Yummy! But the eggs weren’t cooked all the way and my tummy is feeling a bit upset. 🙁

After Ruby’s we came back to my place and watched “The Wizard of Oz”… He had NEVER seen that movie. I couldn’t belive it… but we cuddled on the couch and talked and… yes, ended up kissing. 🙂 Well anyways.. After the movie he had about an hour before he had to leave to go to UCLA to get some meds and then back home… So we went into my bedroom (the couch isn’t very big)… And just cuddled in my bed and talked and made out some more. 🙂 He’s so adorable (See previously posted pics).

Well he finially left about 2:30ish and I wanted to kiss him goodbye when we were at his car, but I’m always afraid because people here aren’t as open about that sort of thing as we were back in iowa… They’re always afraid of who might see and well I didn’t ask him before hand so I didn’t want to risk making him made. So we just hugged and talked and he said that he wouldn’t be online tuesday because he’s got a doc appointment, so who knows when I’ll talk to him next.

I really hope he had as much fun as I did….

There are however two issues with him… The first one is very sad and VERY private, so I won’t talk about it here, but I wanted to say something so that I remmeber for furture times.. Number 2 is that he lives in Bakersfield…. for those of you NON-OC people, that’s about 2.5 hours away from me.. On some of the busiest parts of LA freeways.. IE, 3-4 hours if he or I wanted to drive to the others place on a friday afternoon, or sunday afternoon… so that really sucks! So that really sucks….

But he was way cool… He’s an Eagle, and an Econ major…. Which I love Econ, so taht’s cool! And I too am an Eagle… So we had a lot to talk about. 🙂 I think there could be a great friendship in there somewhere. 🙂 At least I hope. 😀

I’ve also made a decision about my friend problem here in the OC, well first.. I think that I do good with people because… A) I’m very easy to get along with as long as you make a good impression in the first 10-15 minutes and B) because I screen people throughly by talking to them online for a long time before I actually meet them IRL.

For instance: Blake and I have been talking for over 2 months online.. and we have chatted for 8 hours on skype in 5 conversations… So yeah. And I mean.. I’m usually chatting with someone new online every since day.. and the number that I end up meeting in person is like maybe 2-3%.. So when i do finailly meet someone in person.. it’s usually because we’ve been having really good chats online and would thus hit it off in person. Because to be able to keep up a chat online, you have to have a lot in common to be able to talk about it and to have good chats.

Otherwise all your chat would be is. “hi, how’s your day, what’s up… etc” And would thus be very short. So yeah. I can only think of one person I’ve ever actually had long conversations with online where it didn’t work out IRL.. Myke… everyone else that I’ve met IRL and had it not work out, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t while we were chatting online… IE, Stalker boy, gap boy, ta-ubby boy, asian boy, etc. 🙂

I also think I’m going to buy a beretta. 🙂 A guy at work is selling one.

Speaking of Guys at work… One of them is having a party and I got in invite. I feel loved.. haha. Anyways, I hate going to these things alone, so I might ask Blake to come with, we’ll see.. He said he might be busy that weekend.. So I’m going to give him some time to figure out his schedule since he’s been gone for so long and then bug him about it again.

Anyways… I think that’s enough blabbing for me… I’m going to hit bed here soon… I’m just going to finish up Good Eats and then an episode of West Wing and then it’s bed time for me.

(PS, sorry about all the emoticons, I’m obsessed)

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NoNo.. I lost 100 pounds… I went from being 260 down to 160… Sadly I’m back up to 175 now. 🙁

All I did was stop eating fast food and drinking pop…. That made me lose about 70-80 pounds of it.. Then I worked out at the gym to lose the rest!

I am not too far away you are. And i dont care if you talk about the first issue. you know i had a really good time with you because i already told you before i left. But you left out all the dirty details of the time in your bed…hehe j/k I just wish i was still there but you had to kick me out so i could get home. Next time we need to plan what we are doing better with our indecisive selfs so my lips dont get tired of kissing you all day. Well i guess i will write more later so i can talk to you online…hehe

Haha… You are too far away! But then it sounds like your area is more to my liking. So maybe I should move out there and commute in all the time! lol.

There were no dirty details… Don’t get me in trouble with my readers! And I didn’t kick you out, you left. Earlier then you said you were going to too, cause you said 5, but left at 2:30 instead! Meanie!

Next time is this weekend… We are going camping! I demand it! And you need to shave so I don’t get stubble burn.

And I’m not going to talk about issue one, because it is something private for you and I just want to respect that.

And LASTLY! I was not drunk.. just a little tipsy! haha.


Depending upon how tall you are 175 should not be that bad. About a year ago I weighed 255 and went down to 220. Now thats where I seem to hover, trying to lose more but I work 3rd shift and have a sit down job so it seems harder to lose it.

I started working out about a month ago, bought some Power 90 dvds. I don’t like going to the gym.

Anyhow I was wondering if you could a before and after picture. It is always cool to see pics like that.

Haha… Yeah, I don’t have any Digital Fat pictures, so it might take a while… But I’ll get it done.

It’s amazing the difference! Both in my looks and my personality!

I hate the gym too, but have grown used to going now.

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