My Life


I was laying in bed last night and was thinking about all the things that I need to update about..

Things that I’ve mentioned in the past few months on here and then never talked about again.

But now I can only remember two:

1) Infection on my tail bone… It went away without the use of antibiotics. So that’s good

2) Those papers I was talking about before I left. I wrote one about the use of nuclear bombs, and another one… I’m not going to post them.

Last night i fell asleep at 6:15ish.. and didn’t get up till 7:30ish, went to bed and layed there for about 30 minutes then fell asleep till 4:30am this mornig. When Tux decided he wanted attention and started head butting me.

I’m really not in the mood to work this morning.

Adios all.

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