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Break is over, and it’s back to work for me… Another hour and a few odd minutes and we’ll be back in the OC. I really don’t want to go back. I really wanted to stay in Iowa.

If someone were to offer me a job back there tomorrow, I’d totally move back. Even the people on this flight going back to the OC are bitchy as hell… All the people on the flight out of DM were really nice and friendly. There’s this lady sitting in the isle seat on my row. She’s a total fucking bitch.

Anyways, yesterday was lots of fun. Got up about 8:30, after sleeping forever and then went up to Ames and visited with Krellisans for a long while. I wish I still worked there. Barb even gave me a hug!

After that I went out to lunch with Sarah and we had a good time talking about homos and stuff. Then I drove back to PC, stopped at home for a little bit and then went and picked up Nikki. We had to pick up her sister after a movie, so I didn’t really want to go anywhere and start doing anything, so we just drove around some. Finally the movie was over and then we went off to my house and I showed them around PC. After that it was supper at Hickory Park in Ames, and then down to DM to visit my cousin. That was a blast.

From there it was Java Joe’s for like an hour and then back home for the night. I’m really glad I got the chance to show them around DM.

This morning. I got up about 10 and went to Jordan Creek. Walked around there for an hour with my mom. The boys are Hollister were WAY hot!

From there it was back home and then time to leave. Got to the airport and have had really good flights so far. Both of them should be getting in early. My first one was just a little early, like 15-20 minutes. The one I’m on now is nearly an hour early. Which is just amazing.

Work tonight. I think I’m going to go home, rest tell 3am and then go into work and work tell 10… Which is what I have to work tell anyways. Tomorrow I’ll be sleeping really well.

I’m really glad that I have the 3rd off.

Umm, anyways. I shipped my box to Cali, it was only $45 which wasn’t bad for a 65 pound box.

Have I mentioned that I want to move back to Iowa. :'( Usually I’m crying on planes because I’m leaving someone I love… Now I’m crying because I’m leaving somewhere I love. :'(

Blah. Well. I just don’t know what to do. Andrew keeps saying that if I like it there so much I should move back… But I don’t feel that I can. I don’t want to feel like I gave up on living in California, I don’t want to leave my job which I DO like. And I don”t want to move back and have my grandma be all…. I dunno how to explain it, but she’d be right.

Apparently my generation is called the “echo” boomers. Gah, crazyness.

I really wish that I had time to get a second job….I’d like to have some extra money to buy new clothes… Or to start setting aside for a house…. I figure I should purchase something in the next 5 years… If it’s for me to live in or rent out, either way. I should start investing in the real estate market sometime soon.

Ok, well my computer hasn’t been charged in a few days. So it’s nearly dead. I’ve got to break.

Laters all.

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Don’t let your pride stand in your way of happiness. If moving back home would make you happy you should do it. It doesn’t matter what your family or anyone says. You gave it a shot, and it’s not what you wanted. Do what YOU want to. There are other places to live than PC and Ames…that are a lot closer to home. What about moving somewhere else in Iowa or even just the midwest where home is only a short drive away?

Just my two cents.

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