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Damn, Why are utilities so fucking expensive out here!

Cox cable+Highspeed internet would be 81 a month… Plus taxes and the like.

If I get Sat TV and Cox Highspeed internet it would be 22+50, so 72 (But I’d do the one year upfront for the sat bill, so it’d be like $270).. But then I have to figure out what the total bill would be. Because then I’d be paying two taxes and everything else, eh? So I’m not sure which would be a cheaper choice. I think I’d enjoy sat TV more, because with it you get the program guide and all that without having to get the expanded cable.. Plus it comes free with the local CBS/FOX/NBC affiliates…

That’s one thing I haven’t quite figured out around here yet… Back in Iowa, you use the broadcast, (IE air waves) to receive Fox/PBS/NBC/ABC/CBS/WB for free… What about out here? I know they don’t use the air channels like we do, but do you still get those basics for free? How’s that work exactly? I’d be tempted to just do that, but I almost have to have my Bravo and food tv to live!

I found a fridge today for $279, and a queen bed for $350. I think I’ll hold out on a washer dryer, because even the cheapest combo wouldn’t break even for over 40 months or usage.

I went and signed all the paper today.

I also picked out colors because you can paint whatever you want, as long as it’s white when you move out! So that’s exciting for me. I think I’m going to go with dark RED in the bedroom and blue in the bathroom… Livingroom/dining room have yet to be decided. Though I have a stack of paint chips to choose from.

I think I’ll have a little kick back this weekend, to welcome myself into my new place and for assistance on the color choice.

They’re trying to get me to do the CR process here at work. I hate the process and I don’t understand it.. Nor do I want to. Bah, it’s so annoying.

My phone rang every hour today, while I was trying to sleep. And the house phone rang a couple times too. It was all very annoying and I didn’t get much sleep.

Laters all.

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Roomates suck! Living alone is so much better-then the only bs you have to put up with is your own and if you like yourself as much as I like myself that’s pretty tolerable.

Satellite all the way man. I’d totally have that instead of standard

cable if my apartment didn’t face North! More channels for less. And that

is always a good thing.

Yeah, but then what about the local channels?? I mean. I HAVE to have Fox at least, and last I checked that wasn’t offered in the local offerings for out here.

I’ll look again.

Ok, I found out that Dishnetwork does provide ALL local channels that I’d need. The only problem is that I also want cable internet. So now I have to find out if the two will work in conjunction with each other? Bah. Why can’t this just be simple!

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