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New place — No Heat

Well I’m all moved into my new place now…

It’s really cute and exciting. I spent the weekend shopping for shit. I got some stuff, but still need to find a lot. 🙂 Mostly a couch to start with.

I spent about $850 this weekend on things.

I have no hot water or heat yet. The stupid gas company didn’t get my gas turned on in time, and the whores wouldn’t make an emergency trip out to turn it on. So yeah. I’m pretty annoyed about that. But thankfully I have a 24 hours fitness membership and showered there. Plus I used the fireplace as heat throughout the weekend. It got pretty cold still though.

I bought a bed and drove it home ontop of my car, it was hilarious.

Lots of random fun stuff happened. And got some really good deals on stuff.

I’m very torn about how I want to decorate though. Modern vs. old. Blah!

Went back and picked up the remainder of my stuff from the old place. Thankfully Ty and Chris weren’t there when I got there. 🙂

Anyways, laters all.

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Now you know that’s not true! Have you the expression about

not being able to see the forest because of all the trees in the way?

I think decorating is a lot of fun. Gee, do you think I might be gay? Take your time and make sure you get the things you really want. Don’t just rush out and buy things in an effort to fill the spaces. Think it through.

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