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Heat — Builds

Well, I’ve got heat/hot water now.. Though there was a bit of a problem with it last night.

They came about noon and turned on the gas. He said I should have hot water within an hour. I got up about 5ish and took a shower. It was luke warm. So I went outside and heard water running. So I look and the pressure value of the water heater is letting all the hot water out.

I called Maint and they came to fix it. That took a couple hours. Hopefully it’ll work tonight when I go to take a shower.

I might be getting a dryer. Which would be good. Though. Who knows? I dunno if I want to spent that money yet.

I purchased my wireless-cable router today. A Linksys WCG200. Hopefully it’ll work well.

I’m on chapter 7 of my CCNA Intro book. So half way through it then I can take my test for the INTRO part. Then I have to take the ICND part. Woot.

There’s some new guy who’s working here and he’s really cute. Geeky, cute.

I guess they are talking about getting me to do builds. That’s exciting. 🙂 It means more resposibility. Twice a week builds.

I’m going to go buy a light today to bring into work. I got some of those day-light bulbs. So I’m going to bring that in as well and use it. I hate this whole only getting a few hours (6am-8am) of sunlight a day now that it’s dark by the time I get out of bed. Hopefully this light will help some with my body.

Working out has been going alright. Though I’m still at 172. I want to get down! DOWN!

PU’s mailed me my shit yesterday. Hopefully it’ll be here by weeks end. I really want to cook something!

I want them to come out here soon. Them and both grandmas. I found some REALLY cool places to take my Gmas and my mom too. Also found a place that had some OLD ass Singer sewing machines that I think they’d ALL love to have as collectables!

Anyways. I think I’m going to head out now since I’m working a long day tomorrow.

Laters all.

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