My Life


I’m so bored!

Why’s there nothing to do.

I need a new project to work on. Quick, someone, somewhere! Give me something to do.

I thought this stuff from the Outage would take longer, but I hit 100 phone calls faster then I thought. Bah!

I’ve cruised myspace and e-mailed a few people from there… I’ve decided I need to expand my homo friends list to more then just one boy

I miss the days of Princess Crew, 10-15 people meeting at Java’s Every weened night for a good old laugh and fun times. Andrew and I made a list the other day of all those people:



Adam – IC

Skinny – NY

Scott – UT according to Rumors?

Dustin – IC

Tenn Alex – Who knows?

David 2 – Slut now.

Jenny – Umm, College somewhere?

Ginny – College in Iowa

Alanna – Who Knows?

Betsy – Who Knows?

And so many other randoms who we couldn’t even remember thier names, that came in and out over that year and a half or so. I really miss those days. 🙁 So carefree and fun and eveyrone liked each other and all that. Then I guess partly my fault everyone broke up, and partly the fact that everyone went off to school. I almost wish we could all have a reunion or something. I think it’d be fun.

I hate this state. I know I’ve said it before, but I do. It’s made me depressed again and Im gaining weight. I hate it, and I hate the way that I feel.

I do like my job though, and I like the people I’ve met. I just hate the state and the way it’s made me. I keep hoping, that some day soon they will go to the fully tele-commute model here. I guess they are waiting on some security things with the network to get cleared up before doing anything. I have a feeling though that it could be a year or more before we see anything real with this. I mean look how slow everything else has moved. I’ve been here, what. Almost 4 months now? And I still don’t have my fucking business cards.


Tonight was spent laying in bed and sleeping/relaxing. It was well needed.

Tomorrow (Today/Fri) I’m going to go to the gym. I must go to the gym today.

Saturday I’m going to hang out with Andrew from 1ish to sometime. I think we’ll head down to my area and go to the beaches/mall and whatever else we can think of to do. Who knows.

I want to go camping. But the next time I’d have free to do it would be middle of Nov or early Dec. I’m not sure what things are like around here for camping during that time. I looked up places to go and it seems most places are up in the mountians, which I assume gets fairly cold and maybe even snowy during the winter months. So I’m not sure how well that would work out.

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