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Interesting Linx

Polk City Notice at the bottom how it’s sponsered by Tennessee Vacations .com… Um, OK?

The Simpsons come out!

The Homo Agenda!

Bah, I need more people to talk to in the morning hours online. 🙁

3 replies on “Interesting Linx”

Gee Chris, with that schedual, how do you have time to work to afford

your condo and Z4?

Oh! BTW, can I have a good position in your new govenment?

I’m also confused about how PC is in southwest IOwa… I always considered us as being in the central Iowa area…

I wonder if someone from that stupid TENN Vacation site wrote this one too?? Gah! Shows what our council will blow thier money on.

You notice how there are no pictures of Polk City other than the ariel

shot? those horses or cows or whatever they are could have been anywhere

Plus it makes us look like a bunch of country hicks

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