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Name Title Date Appointed
( originally established as MONTACUTE )
John Houser Postmaster 11/05/1849
John A. McFarland Postmaster 08/26/1850
Alfred W. Wasson Postmaster 01/22/1852
changed to POLK CITY on August 12, 1852
Sylvanus W. Baker Postmaster 08/12/1852
Daniel B. Spaulding Postmaster 04/14/1853
Porter T. Hinman Postmaster 09/28/1855
John C. Bennett Postmaster 11/27/1855
Nicholas R. Kuntz Postmaster 03/05/1862
Warren Pickard Postmaster 07/07/1869
George C. Baker Postmaster 04/22/1873
Charles J. Clark Postmaster 12/05/1873
Robert L. Clingan Postmaster 05/18/1877
changed to POLK on June 14, 1883
Robert L. Clingan Postmaster 06/14/1883
Thomas L. Dyer Postmaster 07/16/1883
Daniel W. Ingersoll Postmaster 03/02/1886
Conrad Hug Postmaster 03/31/1886
George W. McClean Postmaster 12/29/1888
Christopher Schroeder Postmaster 07/03/1893
George W. McLean Postmaster 01/11/1897
Albert S. Gorman Postmaster 12/18/1906
Cyrus A. Snow Postmaster 09/09/1914
George P. Naab Postmaster 08/21/1919
changed back to POLK CITY on December 1, 1924
John Blake Postmaster 04/29/1925
Mrs. Lois M. Burt Acting Postmaster 05/31/1955
Donald G. Burt Postmaster 06/27/1956
Homer Dickey Officer-In-Charge 06/11/1981
John W. Baker Officer-In-Charge
Lois M. Burt Postmaster 05/29/1982
Robert Slycord Officer-In-Charge 05/31/1985
Steven L. Syverson Postmaster 10/26/1985

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